Thursday, March 10, 2005

Rumor: Elections ahead!

Wiegel always wanted itDutch language blog Dutch Disease reports:

According to a source, which Dutch Disease says is known and well connected, Dutch politicians are thrown into confusion:

“This government is going to fall in May or just a bit later. The CDA want to get rid of [prime minister] Balkenende [CDA] and will have a different party leader who will run in the new elections of September 2005. Wiegel [an former liberal (VVD) leader who was successful and who wants to rescue the VVD by getting rid of Hirsi Ali] says he does not want to wait two more years (At that time he will be 65) so he will take over the liberal (VVD) leadership this year! The liberal (VVD) expects this way to effectively stop [neocon] Wilders with this move [because it’s hard to run for elections if you’re kept in jail]. It is nearly certain that there will come a purple III government [purple is the name for a Socialist (PvdA) – Liberal (VVD) coalition government, so much derided by Fortuyn and the Dutch voters]. The prime minister ship, they [the liberals] think is a ‘thing’ that is separate from party politics, a ‘thing’ they [the liberals] have never had before. [The liberals were always too small to provide the prime minister for any government so far]. Wiegel has never has never ever had it [either] so he wants this ‘thing’.”

And indeed lately Wiegel is working hard to get the leadership of his liberal party. The man always stayed popular since he stepped down as leader of the liberal party in 1981. Although it must have surprised many that he attacked Hirsi Ali. Wiegel always wanted to be prime minister, he was a successful liberal leader but he never managed to become prime minister. After the assassination of Fortuyn in May 2002, the "Lijst Pim Fortuyn" (LPF) did not have a leader any more, but poles indicated that they could get the more votes then any other political party. On election night, Wiegel could be seen on television with a typical "LPF" tie (Fortuyn was famous for his ties), would he want to fill in the gap that Fortuyn left? And become the next prime minister? It sure looked that way! At the time the LPF could not come up with anybody who could do it better then him and Wiegel was still popular. But to the surprise of both Wiegel and Balkenende the Christian Democratic Party (CDA) got the most votes. It looked like if many people who wanted to vote on Pim Fortuyn did not want to vote on the unknown decapitated LPF, who's members where as good as unknown. You could see on the faces of both Wiegel and Balkenende that this was not what they had expected.

Many liberals think the liberal party has become too right wing, they oppose people like Hirsi Ali and are happy they got rid of Wilders. Also various liberal (VVD) ministers have said they want to start a new political party together with the socialist (PvdA). So this move, as described in the rumor, could be their first step to union. Various socialists (PvdA) have said they wanted to start a new political movement, their leader Wouter Bos even said he had thought about eliminating the Socialist (PvdA) party and start something totally new. In both political parties there are many who favor a union.

At this very moment our busy bodies in Den Haag are arguing for weeks now, about a new system to elect the burgomaster. Not really a thing that the Dutch voter cares much about. But it keeps the politicians busy in their games for power. I would not at all be at all surprised if they use this elected burgomaster to let the government collapse, it fits their tradition of opportunism.

One thing is certain; there is political firework ahead. The "old politicians" fight to stay in power. War on terror? Who cares about that...

Source: Dutch Disease


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