Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Minister: The Netherlands is unstable

Minister Hoogervorst (VVD)Liberal (VVD) healthcare ministers Hoogervorst pleas in weekly magazine Elsevier for limiting the number of political parties in the Netherlands. Otherwise The Netherlands becomes unmanageable he argues.

He thinks The Netherlands has become instable and compares the situation in The Netherlands with the “latin situation’ in Italy during the 80’s. The minister pleas for two political blocks. According to the minister many surrounding countries have that and that system leads to more political stability.

When he looks at the voting behavior of the Dutch voter he sees a fickle and zapping voter. He argues that the current voting system is not equipped to handle that. I guess he must be thinking about the voters uprising lead by late Fortuyn.

But more than 20% of the voters voted on Fortuyns political party after he was assassinated. So what kind of measures will stop a new political party that collects more than 20% or 30% of the votes?

But this is not all he also blames the media. After the voters revolution lead by Fortuyn, the media gives much more attention to politics. He also thinks that is bad: “To many political parties battle for too little differences and too much media are hunting for to little news”. He thinks that eventually this will lead to less interest in politics and that will again lead to more unpredictable voters. A two party system will lead to less TV spectacles but the remaining debates will be more meaning full according to the healthcare minister.

It is amazing how this minister takes things upside down. He is right to say that there is little difference between the political parties, but he refuse to see that as part of the problem. If voters are not satisfied with what they get offered they will vote for new political parties. In a democracy you can not blame the voters for that.

Don't think he is alone in his ideas. Ever since the voters up rise, the politicians talk about voting reforms. They want to do anything to keep power, except changing their policies.

Source: Elsevier


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