Friday, March 11, 2005

Government acting tough

court of justice in the city of RoermondDutch biggest newspaper Telegraaf reported the following story:

The prosecutor asked three years imprisonment against the 24-year-old Stefan van T. who was arrested last November when he allegedly was preparing a firebomb attack on a mosque in the city of Venray (South Netherlands). At the time his arrest he and his friend Peter G. (20) had four Molotov cocktails in his car, they where already close to the building. The policemen who where guarding the Mosque noticed them, their identity and vehicle registration number was already know to them because an anonymous person informed them of the upcoming attack.

The idea of the attack came from Peter G., who will be trailed later. After the dead of Theo van Gogh on November 2, there had “to be done a deed”, he thought. And that evening the 10th of November, after a daylong siege in Den Haag where police arrested Jason Walters and Ahmed Ismael Akhnikh the boys taught it was time “to deter the radical Muslims”.

SMS messages in the hours before the arrest: “We have to do something. At 3 O’clock it burns down. It’s terror alarm. It is war and together we will make a difference”.

Stefan van T. had said to the police: “There is so much going on in the Netherlands. I wanted to do my part. That didn’t work out now.” Just like Peter G. he calls him self “rather a nationalist then a racist” under the slogan: “own people first”.

He was a member of the “Vereniging Nederlandse Arische Broederschap” (translaties as: Society of Dutch Arian Brothers) and had at home a pamphlet that announced the “Rudolf Hess-mars” in Germany.

According to the psychologist who exanimated him, he was angry about what “in The Netherlands by foreigners had happened: those people take over the country.” He was found slightly less accountable for his actions: he was a somewhat childish boy who was immature.

“The society was out of balance and that makes it the more objectionable that they wanted to stir unrest”, said the prosecutor mr. W.C.J. Stienen.

“And added to that, is the contempt for ethnic minorities”

Against the 20 year old Mandy M. in who’s house in the city of Horst the explosive cocktails where made, the prosecutor asked a 10 months prison sentence of which 5 moths conditional. The prosecutor argued that the preparations for an arson attack were proven. He tough it was also proven for the 20 year old Dusty van H. who quickly had gone to the house of his parents to fetch a funnel to make it easier to fill the bottles with the gazz-oill mix. For the rest was not active in the execution of the plan. The prosecutor asked 8 months against him of which 4 conditional.

This Friday the judge did not extend their detention under remand. The verdict will follow later.

Source: Intel-web / Telegraaf


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