Monday, March 14, 2005

Failed integration

PeakInteresting comments by Peaktalk on the failed integration in The Netherlands

Read his story here.


Blogger José María said...

There’s no easy answer, forced integration and social engineering are a thing of the past, but to let things go the way they go now would be unconscionable.
There is an obvious contradiction in this sentence, if you don´t force, how does he think the problems will be solved?

There is a big problem in Europe, nobody wants to act fearing criticism. It is difficult not to imagine a serious civil war in Europe next century.

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You mean name-calling; well, they will just have to grow up and get used to it if they think their country is worth saving. There is hardly any legitimate "criticism" -- meaning a genuine counterargument -- that is not easily refuted by reality.

What does "integration" mean? How would you define it? Do you know? If so, do you really want it? In such an effort, how would you define success? And wouldn't any such success quite probably mean more immigration? If so, do you really want that? In Germany I see many Turks who speak enough German to get by, and who seem relatively 'integrated', but they are still Turks, not Germans. They are also the ones who hung the Turkish national flag from their balconies during the last World Cup, and when speaking about Germany's chance to win the final answered the question by saying "your" chance, not our chance.

Or is there another solution?

Dutch readers (and others) who have a few minutes and can understand English well might find this interesting reading:

12:06 PM  
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