Saturday, March 05, 2005

Defense minister criticizes US

Defence Minister Henk KampIn Dutch news paper AD defense minister Henk Kamp looks back on the Iraq mission. Now the government has ended their Iraq peacekeeping mission, he criticizes the legitimacy of the US led invasion of Iraq.

“I am not ready yet to make a final ordeal”, says Kamp about the attack. But “you could ask your self the question if there was enough evidence of weapons of mass destruction. Was it possible to make conclusions based on the information? And did the American send enough troops to get enough immediate grip on the situation? Everybody has those questions. An answer I don’t have yet. History will let us know.”

One would have expected that a defense minister would have a bit deeper understanding of the geopolitical situation of the Middle East. What about the big picture of the Middle east? What about the people living in Iraq? But hey, he maybe a hardliner in the Dutch political context, he stays a liberal. And before people tell you other wise, the Dutch liberal also hoped that Kerry would win the US presidential elections.

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Source: Telegraaf, AD


Anonymous scarf said...

You Dutch are in deep trouble if that is what your defence minister has to say. Put this guy in charge of the postal service, or keeping the trains on time, or something similar that might challenge him.

The long overdue transformation in the middle east was initiated by the invasion of Iraq. Thank you Holland for contributing to majority rule in Iraq, to Lebanon moving toward freedom from Syria, to Iran having to consider that American and Brit troops are right on their border as the nuclear/no nuclear weapon debate goes on, to the possibility that Syria might see an end to the Assad family/Allawite dictatorship maybe maybe, to even Egypt making noises about democracy, and much more.
Change was needed, and America plus Holland, Britain, Poland, Italy etc helped produce it.
Bravo, be proud of a job well done.
( re. weapons of mass destruction, saddam could have acquired them whenever he wanted to, from N. Korea. He would have been pleased to put them in the hands of whoever could do the most damage to the U.S., or maybe Saudi Arabia, preceding a takeover of that place. We are well rid of him.)

5:38 AM  
Blogger DutchReporter said...

And then to think that he is considered a hawk. But in the Netherlands that often just means blunt and rude.

If you look at what he says and then consider that he still has send his troops in harms way, what kind of leader makes that of him?

12:23 AM  
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