Friday, March 04, 2005

Chairman not welcome in Mosque

Derwisj MaddoeThe chairman of the Dutch Muslim council, Derwisj Maddoe, is no longer welcome in the Noeroel Islam Mosque in Denhaag. Maddoe was one of the founders of the mosque.

The reason that the board of the mosque decided he is no longer welcome is things he said during the “Nederland is niet kapot te krijgen“ (Translation: The Netherlands is unbreakable) media campaign. A campaign launched after the murder on Theo van Gogh with government money that preached tolerance. In the campaign he has said that he also visited synagogues and churches. On a billboard, that was showed at 6000 bus stops, Maddoe was quoted saying: “I also want to preach in other peoples parish… and also listen”. But now Maddoe complains:

Noeroel Islam Mosque”Some people in the mosque think that is not allowed and thus I am not allowed to come any more”

But the board of the mosque denies that he is no longer welcome. Today (Friday) the mosque will hold a general meeting with all its members about the affair.

H/T: Dutch Disease

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