Monday, March 07, 2005

Again reports of 'random' violence

Gaz TruckIn recent months there are in the Dutch media reports of apparently 'random' attacks on people, trains, cars, it even has been reported that cars are being shot at, something not happened ever before. There have been arrests, but Dutch MSM refuses to report the background or give first names of the suspects, both could reveal that the attacks are from Muslim youth.

This Sunday night, three boys threw a stone from a viaduct on the A10 highway through Amsterdam. They threw the stone through the windshield of a fuel truck that carried a load of 40.000 liters gas. But amazingly the driver did not get hurt and could stop the truck safely.

According to the police the situation could have ended much in a nightmare, when the stone would have hit the driver and he was not able to control the truck anymore. “We have escaped from an emergency”, says their spokesperson.

The youth threw the stone from a viaduct near Bos en Lommerplein in Amsterdam West, an immigrant neighborhood with many houses and apartment buildings near the highway.

The MSM calls the boys Vandals, but who says they are?

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Source: Nu


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