Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Wilders in Prison (3)

Justice   minister DonnerThe story about the parliamentary representatives, Geert Wilders and Ayaan Hirsi Ali who are kept in prison and army barracks for their protection continues…

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Today Minister Donner has sent a letter to parliament about the affair. In the letter he writes that the revelations by Hirsh Ali not only endangered her self but also the people who take care of her security. According to Donner, there was no need for their complaints; he is doing all he can. He says that the style of their security is their free choice and that they have agreed upon it. Also he seems to insinuate that Wilders is not kept in a prison cell.

Wilders was disturbed and said Donner tells half-truths about his security. About Donners denial that he is living in a cell he said: “It certainly is a cell”.

In his letter Donner also writes that they had found last week a location for Hirsh Ali that met the criteria and he insinuates that Hirsi Ali is picky. But Hirsi Ali said that that is not true: “On February 3rd I inspected a location, to which I said ‘yes’, but the people of the NCBB [National Coordinator Security of Donner] have advised me not to do it. Because my neighbor, Henk van der Meijden [best known gossip journalist of the Netherlands, who is now retired], had a view on my balcony.

Donner also suggest that Wilders preferred to live in the prison cell: “who under the circumstances where explicitly preferred by him [Wilders]”. But Wilders now says, “it is rubbish that I preferred that”. “I only had the option between worse and worse, it was either a jail or a barrack. What I wanted, was a secure residence, but that was not allowed at that moment”.

But that is not all Donner also writes that Hirsi Ali, after the murder of Theo van Gogh had chosen her self to stay for a couple of months abroad. This is according to Hirsi Ali “a strange vision on the idea of free choice”. “I had the option between being murdered and flee. They told me: If you want to stay a couple of nights on the same address you have to go out of the country. That had been motivated by fear.”

But Donner is not only angry on Hirsi Ali and Wilders, he is also angry on liberal (VVD) vice Prime Minister Zalm. In the past, when Zalm was still leader of the liberal (VVD) party, he had personally asked Hirsi Ali to join his liberal party. Zalm has now said that the housing of Wilders and Hirsi Ali was “bad” and called it “insane” that they had to move constantly and had to stay in a prison and army barrack. “The government has to stop this” and “it can not be that in The Netherlands, threatened parliamentary representatives are only safe in a prison”. Donner was angred by these remarks and asked Zalm to come and explain his statements.

The Letter Donner had send to parliament:

February 22, 2005

Because of the recent publicity about the residence of Ms. Hirsi Ali and Mr. Geert Wilders I want to inform you about some aspects of their security.

I deplore the fact that due to statements in the media made by Hirsi Ali, their location has become public knowledge. That is not only dangerous for them but also for the security personnel and others who provide services to them. Because of revelation in the media about their staying locations, we had to take appropriate measures.

The main point in the security arrangements for the involved person, is the protection of his physical integrity or –as is now the case- against threats against their live. For this the security services have a package of measures in the object and person protection sphere. The primary focus is on the security of their residence. Security and protection is custom work that depends on the kind of threat, the likelihood and other circumstances.

Also it is the intention of the security procedures that these measures will make it possible that a person can participate in normal social exchanges both professional and private. It is of eminent importance that the protected persons co-operate in the execution of these protective measures. Depending on the severity of the threat and the needed measures this will determine the impact on personal live of the involved person. I understand the great pressure that the heavy security measures causes.

In the case of Ms. Hirsi Ali and Mr. Wilders a large number of threats against their physical integrity and life, lead to a need for measures of personal protection. Under the influence of increasing threats after the murder on Van Gogh, Ms. Hirsi Ali – and later Mr. Wilders – where urgently advised to leave their own domicile of that time. Ms. Hirsi Ali at that time choose her self to stay for some moths outside The Netherlands. The government facilitated her wish. Already before her return to the Netherlands we had a safe location for her available. Miss Hirsi Ali rejected this location. At that time it was agreed upon that after her return to the Netherlands, because of all attention about her return, she would stay for 14 days in a safe house. After that she would be temporary housed until a permanent location would came available. The National Coordinator Security (NCBB) has in my name spoken with her, with the intention to realize a permanent secure living environment with an express focus on quality of living. Shortly after her return Ms. Hirsi Ali has indicated that she was satisfied with her safe house. She wanted to stay there until she got housed at a permanent location. The step of a temporary housing was skipped on her request. In the mean while, a few houses where inspected on behave of the NCBB. None of these houses turned out to be satisfactory. It seems clear that personal wishes and security needs not always go together. Beginning last week there was inspected a location that could meet the criteria and for which was already chosen unless within 14 days a better alternative would come up. Last week it was already agreed with the NCBB that this week there would be more inspections of other housing possibilities that could lead to possible better housing.

With respect to Mr. Wilders, due to security concerns he could no longer stay in is old residence. Due to the circumstances he has been housed on different locations and since that he stays – after deliberation – on a secure location, who under the circumstances where explicitly preferred by him. It was agreed with him that for the time being he would search on his own initiative for a permanent residence location and that he would propose some alternatives to the NCBB. Until this weekend, I had no indications, what so ever, that Mr. Wilders wanted a other arrangement. Also I want to stress that his location is not a “cell” but on a location that, both in quality and size, meets the requirements for such a location.

In consequence of the messages in the media, a meeting on the request of Mr. Wilders and Ms. Hirsi Ali has taken place with me. We have spoken about the situation. Conclusion of this meeting was that we continue to search in cooperation with the involved persons to search for safe housing and than on request of Mr. Wilders this will also be done for him. I realize that sooner or later, the address of these locations will not stay secret. This aspect will be taken into account when choosing their permanent secure locations.

When needed, I am willing to inform the parliamentary commission for Intelligence and Security services about certain details on the basis of confidentiality.

The Justice Minister [Donner]

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Sources: Justice department (The Letter), NRC


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