Thursday, February 03, 2005

Terrorist suspects sue government

September 26, Bucheliusstraat in UtechtOn Sunday September 26, police raided the house of the Mbarki (A.K.A. M'Barki) family in the Bucheliusstraat in Utrecht. Their son and other relatives had close ties to GICM terrorist suspects. After wire taps the police was searching for explosives. But the police did not find any evidence of the involvement of the family.

The search of their apartment was a bit rough. But after the police left, 'others' trashed the house even further. They invited TV reporters and complained about the damage. But Dutch police say they had nothing to do with it.

Now their lawyer, L. Zegveld, seeks a financial compensation of 100.000 EURO. He says the family has psychological problems after the raid and their subsequent arrest. They receive medical treatment now. He says that it is "scandalous" that the police and prosecutor office refuse to apologize.

MSM speaks about an innocent family. Read more about the background of the raid here:
The Secret Service Mole

Source: Utechts Nieuwsblad, Telegraaf


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