Thursday, February 10, 2005

Terrorist at university

Het Leidsch dagblad a local newspaper brings the story that Jason Walters (See: American Jihad in Holland) has studied at the Leiden University. But the university wants to keep that fact away from the press and has forbidden everybody to talk about “individual students”. “Meaning Jason W.” says an Arabist of the Leiden University, who wants to stay anonymous.

The Arabist says, “Islamic students at the Leiden University are radicalizing”. He says that he “for years has the idea that there his something strange going on under the students”. He hears the same from other teachers. It is said that Jason Walters, a member of the Hofstad terror group, has spread a radical Islamic book on the University.

He says that the radicalization at Leiden is worse than at other Universities in The Netherlands. “During colleges it is sometimes hard to make the difference between asking questions and frustrating the lesson. These people have religiously a very high blood pressure. It goes to far to say that they are obstructing the lessons, but I notice the endless questions if we talk about the Wahabit sect out of Saudi Arabia. That is not reasonable any more. After a while I have to say: ‘read your literature, I will continue with the lesson’”

Jason Walters would have spread the book: “Imaan en Kufr” (believe and unbeliever) on the university. The book calls for the rejection of the infidel authority. They should not obey parliament or judges. Muslims should show “detachment, enmity and hate” to the unbelievers. “The suppression and humiliation of the Kufaar [unbeliever] is loved by Allah”. Apostates have “no right on security”.

A spokes person of the Leiden University says “they have no indication that shows that the books is distributed”. He says Jason Walters hardly has been in Leiden in the two months between the start of his study and his arrest.

In the past there have circulated also radical pamphlets on the university. Around 2000 students of the Islamic university Rotterdam distributed a glossy magazine “Expliciet” [Explicit] under students. The creators of the magazine possible had connections with the fundamentalist “Hizb al-Tahrir” [Freedom party]. In the September issue of the magazine could be read: “Democracy is a lie”. The redaction of “Expliciet” wanted to distribute the magazine for free under ‘intellectuals’ and sell it in Mosques and multi cultural centers.

Source: Leidsch Dagblad


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