Saturday, February 12, 2005

Police recruits in Mosque

Dutch MosqueDutch police is actively recruiting under immigrants because many think Dutch police force should be a representation of the whole Dutch society. In the region Braband-Noord in the south of the Netherlands, police does every thing they can to recruit Islamic police officers and they held a recruitment day in a Mosque.

In the mosque, police officers talked for example about what kind of problems Moroccan woman face, when they join the force and what the Dutch police does to help solve those problems. So there is for example a special Dutch language education program for the aspiring police officers… But also the physical fitness seems often to be a problem, so the police force has special sport instructors to help them pass the physical admission test.

But some problems can’t be fixed. It is mandatory that wear a police uniform with a hat and a headscarf is prohibited. Things like praying and the Ramadan, can all be handled and should not be a problem.

The reactions in the mosque where positive, some young people already informed about joining the police force. And this month they will organize more meetings like this.

Will they ever learn?

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Source: Nieuws , H/T: Dutch Disease Report


Blogger Court said...

We have the same sort of thing going on here in Ottawa, and in the past with the RCMP. I believe in the early 90's a couple of Seikh's undergoing bootcamp with the RCMP wanted to be able to wear their turban in uniform. Due to PC they won, and then promptly dropped out of training.

It's not working here. Usually the 'target' group aren't interested in policing and those that do don't measure up but are hired anyway. Complaints are, as usual, passed off as being racsist.

Do the Dutch Police have much respect among the population?

6:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Do the Dutch Police have much respect among the population?"

No not much.

5:17 PM  

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