Friday, February 18, 2005

Police could have caught ‘The Syrian’

Dutch JihadLocal Dutch newspaper, Parool, now reports that the only member of the Terrorist network the ‘Hofstad groep’ who is not arrested is their leader Redouan al-Issar (A.K.A. The Syrian). Could have been arrested any moment the police or the intelligence service had wanted.

They also write that Redouan (43), was at the time of the murder on Theo van Gogh, in The Netherlands. His wife, a Muslim convert, lives in the ‘Moerwijk’ neighbourhood. He regularly visited her and their child. The intelligence service knew her address. But people in the ‘Moerwijk’ neighbourhood in Denhaag say the have seen him visiting her in the fall 2004 several times. He was regular seen walking with his baby and stepchild. One witness even says, he saw him in November, the same month Theo van Gogh was murdered by Mohammed Bouyeri.

The intelligence service had the Syrian under surveillance. Since August 2002 he is know to be a leading figure in the Hofstad group. Under his leadership mostly Moroccan youth has been prepared for the violent Jihad against the enemies of Islam. After the murder of Theo van Gogh the justice department issued an international warrant for the Syrian.

The Syrian was also arrested in 2003, on charges of preparing a terrorist attack in The Netherlands (Then they also searched the house of Mohammed Bouyeri). But the court case failed because the prosecutor could not provide the evidence. But Redouan, was declared an “unwanted alien”. In December 2003 they deported him to Germany, where he in the 90s tried with no result to get asylum.

This court order made it possible to arrest Reduoan at any moment the intelligence service wanted. But they did not do that. Neither the police nor the intelligence service AIVD wanted to comment on the matter.

So why did the intelligence service did not arrest him? If it was because they wanted to monitor this terrorist leader, why then was he not under close surveillance, with no possibility to escape? It must be said: in the movie 0605, the movie The van Gogh just finished before his dead, the intelligence service also knew of the coming murder of Pim Fortuyn. But the service did nothing to prevent it, due to political motives. If that would be the case, the service would at least know what they were doing, but I am afraid it is even worse: they are just sheer incompetent…

H/T: Dutch Disease



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