Saturday, February 19, 2005

Pim Fortuyn awards

Pim FortuynToday on the 57th birthday of assassinated opposition leader Pim Fortuyn (See Note below), he was commemorated in the Laurentius cathedral. Where this evening also a special service was held and where the Pim Fortuyn awards were given to persons who has devoted them selves to the same causes as Pim Fortuyn did.

The family of the also assassinated Theo van Gogh received posthumous the prices for “most Fortuynist opinion maker of 2004”. Winner in the category “Politician of 2004” was Geert Wilders, the independent candidate who is starting his own political party (See also: Wilders in prison). In the category “Columnist of 2004” the free thinker Pamela Hemelrijk was awarded. She has libertarian views and wrote for example an anti socialist manifesto. Hemelrijk: "I consider socialism an obscene ideology, doomed to end in either total self destruction or total dictatorship" (and that kind of stuff does not make you popular Dutch PC circles).

Note: Pim Fortuyn was assassinated a week before the elections in 2004 by a greener, who opposed his critical position on the Islam. At that moment he was in the poles one of the biggest political parties. He had his party only started a few months before the elections. Theo van Gogh a friend of Pim Fortuyn, made a movie about the murder of Pim Fortuyn (See: 0605 Political Murder explained) . In the movie the Dutch Intelligence service knows about the murder plot, but does nothing to stop it.

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Pamela Hemelrijk - Translated column: They all laughed at Christopher Columbus

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