Thursday, February 24, 2005

Maroccan youth in Amersfoort

Mevlana Mosque AmersfoortEarlier the DutchReport reported you on a city in the Netherlands where around 80% of the Moroccan boys was involved in criminal activities. But the DutchReporter is not the only one with a calculator. TV program ‘Netwerk’ reported today that civil servants of the city of Amersfoord did the same. They found out that 40% of all Moroccan youth age 14-17 have a police record in which they are suspected of one or more crimes (police solves in general only 10-15% of the criminal cases). If one takes in account that the girls are as good as never involved in criminal activities, then it is justified to say that 80% of the Moroccan boys age 14-17 have a police record...

What they are going to do about it? A lot, they just don’t say what it is they are going to do. My best guess is, that they are going to invest even more in youth workers and Mosques.

Source: Netwerk TV


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