Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Islam & Socialism

Moroccan PvdA Fatima of the city council of Amsterdam with ClintonDutch Socialist leader, Wouter Bos, sharply criticized minister Verdonk of integration and immigration. On a congress of his PvdA he said she is widening the gap between the Dutch and the immigrants. She talks about "about Muslims as if they are not Dutch". Also she talks about that they have "a limited resilience when criticized and in the same sentence denies that there is racism and discrimination on the labor market".

But he further criticized the whole government. According to him they do not spread the burden equally, trust too much on "the market" and do not listen to any one. "But the most fundamental I blame the for systematically confirm and stir up the fears and worries of the people. That is playing with fire".

The socialist PvdA must dare to choose against "the political correct of the new right" and for a "balance and down-to-earth" approach. About immigration and integration we have a "hard and balanced story". Hard for the immigrant who must integrate, but "at least as hard for the receiving society who will have to adjust permanently to new cultures and religions, and who should not convulsive hold on how The Netherlands once was, but never will be again".

You have to know that Ayaan Hirsi Ali once worked for a PvdA think tank. When she was making already making big news in the media because of her critical statements about the Islam, the current leader of the socialist, Wouter Bos said: "I don't know her, I have not yet talked with her". During the last elections the PvdA, put several Islamic people on their list and made a Turkish Muslim number two on the list. In all major cities they put Islamist on their voting lists.

And believe it or not the PvdA is in the polls the biggest political party of The Netherlands, they would according to the polls receive around 50 of the 150 seats in parliament (virtually guaranteeing them a seat in the next government).

On the Photo is ex-president Clinton shaking hands with PvdA town council member Fatima Elatiek of Amsterdam. Theo van Gogh often heavily criticized Fatima, she wanted for example to forbid a play about the life of the prophet.

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Source: Eindhovensdagblad


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