Friday, February 11, 2005

Frontline on Eurabia

The PBS Frontline documentary about "Al Qaeda's New Front" in Europe can now be viewed on-line. Their website offers a overview of the Jihad in Europe:

  • Why European Muslims are becoming radicalized; why Americans should be concerned.
  • An analysis by a former CIA operative of Al Qaeda's post-9/11 changes - and their implications
  • A country-by-country overview of Western Europe's situation, including the major terror plots and arrests (Netherlands)
  • European v. U.S. strategies on terrorism, cross-border and cyber security, terrorist financing, and more

View PBS documentary HERE
( about The murder of Theo van Gogh, train bombing in Madrid and the many arrests made in Europe).

H/T: Court


Blogger Court said...

It is a very good episode of Frontline. I ended up watching it online and didn't have any problems, but I do plan to buy the DVD.

It opens with the Madrid bombing and uses the surveillance camera's..very dramatic footage. I highly recommend watching it.

6:51 PM  
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