Thursday, February 10, 2005

Extremism caused by media

Sybrand van Hulst (boss of the AIVD)The first time since the murder on Theo van Gogh, the head of the Dutch intelligence serviceAIVD, Sybrand van Hulst, gave an interview. In the interview he criticizes the way the Dutch discuss about Muslims.

In the interview, in a documentary about the radical Islam, Van Hulst says that Muslim youth is radicalizing because of the sharp debate in The Netherlands.

“I think that we should realize that the way that we sometimes agitate in an extreme way against Islam makes it more likely that people who are already unstable will go in the direction of radicalism than moderate their opinions"

According to Van Hulst, about 5% of the Moroccan’s, about 15.000 people, are open to Islamic radicalism. But many experts hold this as the most optimistic number, many say it is rather 15% (45.000 Moroccans). Van Hulst further claims than the group who is actually radicalized is much smaller, only around 1000 people (it is unknown how he came to this number).

Don’t think that Van Hulst is the only one in the Netherlands who thinks like that. In the Dutch political elite, more people think this way. Just yesterday the Queen, who is still the head of the government, was praised and received an honorary doctorate from the Leiden University for her support of ‘freedom with responsibility’. Some think that freedom is misused to insult Muslims.

Van Hulst and his ideas must have strong backing because his leadership at the service did not bring very impressive results. Just to name a few incidents in recent years:

  • The infiltration of the service by Muslim extremists (See story: here)
  • Failed to provide enough information to the police team that arrested terrorist Jason Walters. Several police officers where wounded by hand grenades (See story: here).
  • European intelligence reports indicated to the service of a coming murder on an European criticizer of the Islam. The AIVD did ignore that information. It failed to make a risk assessment that lead to the protection of people like Theo van Gogh. Although many people in the Netherlands knew he was in danger.
  • Mohammed Bouyeri the murder of Theo van Gogh, was seen by the service as an unimportant member of the Hofstad terror group. Two weeks before the murder on Theo van Gogh they stopped monitoring Mohammed. But now they see him as an important member of the Hofstad terror group who wrote a lot of Jihad lecture.
  • The intelligence service provided the government with risk assessments that indicated that murdered politician Pim Fortuyn did not need protection. Although every body in The Netherlands knew Pim Fortuyn was under threat.
  • The service never provided information that lead to court sentencing of Islamic terrorist.
  • In a scandal around the royal family, it showed that the Royal family could give direct orders to the Dutch intelligence service (AIVD). Without informing the other members of the government.

The intelligence service is also working internationally. The Dutch AIVD has good relations with Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. The Netherlands gave Indonesia 7 million Euro for the financing of the Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation. The Dutch intelligence service provides counter terrorism training in Semarang (Java) to Indonesian officers. They are planning to do the same in Saudi Arabia and are still thinking about doing the same in Algeria.

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Sources: Documentry, NOS


Blogger exarchos said...

Good post and nice blog you have! Where can I put you in the Dutch political landscape? Wilders? LPF? VVD?
keep up your work!

7:37 PM  
Blogger DutchReporter said...

Thanks for the compliments Exarchos,

I am not affiliated with any Dutch political party. I am just in favor of liberty and against totalitarian ideologies.

10:22 PM  
Blogger Mick in the UK said...

This was on Muslim forum regarding Van Gogh.

"Brother Saifu Deen's aim was to obtain Shahada, so after he killed Theo van Gogh, he tried to behead him, only he couldn'tget trough the bone. When the police arrived, he started shooting on them with a machine gun. Finnaly they shoot him in the leg, and arrested him.

We ask Allah to make our brother firm, and to bless the Ummah with more brothers like Saifu Deen, Ameen."

With citizens like this, who needs enemies?

1:54 PM  
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