Saturday, February 05, 2005

Ali B is the House!

Ali BAli B is a very popular Moroccan rapper who sings his lyrics in Dutch. He is to be seen every where, no charity party without Ali B! Madame Tussauds already made a wax statue from him. Although to me he does not seem musically very gifted, it rains prices for Ali B. Hey he even shared the stage with our to be queen Maxima. That made it official: he is the ultimate expression of the hopes of the multiculturallists.

But nobody seems to notice who Ali B really is. Years back he said angrily in an interview: "for me their counts only one thing: ISLAM, ISLAM, ISLAM". But that is all the past, he has changed they say. Just as he does not terrorize his neighbor hood any more with his two pit bull fight dogs. But why was he singing on that War child concert only about "Chechen, Palestine, Kashmir" and did not mention other area's? But in The Netherlands not many ask them selves this question.

Although it did him no good, when he went to commemoration of the robber, that died during his robbery (See: robber Dies story). Initially he said, he would make a song about it, but his commercial aware team, made him think twice and said he was miss quoted. He never had the intention of making a song in support of the died robber.

But now Ali B, the multiculturallists darling, has a theater show. His show is sold out and the children are estatic. When he open his show he said:

"Did you know that Robin Hood was a Moroccan? And that his real name was Robin Abdellahoed? No of course not, that they never told".

And then suddenly he says:

"Actually Robin Hood was a dirty, ugly, greedy thief"

"But why was he be loved by the people unlike others? I don't understand."

Then a child screams:

"Because Robin Hood did gave it all to the poor and did not keep it for him self".

For a moment the rapper seems not to know what to say, but then a big smile appears on his face and he says:

"We also give to the poor".

But lets forgive him and buy his latest hit: "I am fed up with you". A rap lyric in which he complains that his girl does not want to stay at home, but rather want to chill in the bar where she acts like a "silly slut".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess everywhere rap is trash music, part of a puerile culture. In the US rappers try to get "credibility" with their roots in black ghettoes, crime and "thug life". The thing is rappers who have been rich and famous for over ten years probably have little connection to the "thug life" gansta lifestyle anymore. The scary thing is it no longer relegated to the black ghettos, this rap culture. The white Americans who are scared to walk into these African American ghettos are now the biggest consumers of rap music.

7:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

People like Ali B profit from the supposed oppressed immigrants who cannot assimilate in their host country, and pander to their constituents and bombared them to death with message. As in the case of the Netherlands, the latter is to be taken literally.

I immigrated from the Philippines to America six years ago, and I can proudly say that I have assimilated into the American culture, much to the displeasure of America's multiculturalist moonbats.

I spit on multiculturalism.

9:47 AM  
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