Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Al-Jazeera: Wilders is Extremist

Yesterday Al-Jazeera TV started a sequel about Europe and the first country they coverd was The Netherlands. Achmed Kamel who interviewed Dutch representative Wilders for Al-Jazeera calls Wilders a “provocative and insulting extremists who profits from fear”. In Dutch TV program Nova he said that Wilders only wants to profit from the tension between two communities for political gain but not to solve anything.

The interview Achem had with Wilders that was broadcasted worldwide by Al-Jazeera yesterday. In the interview Wilders says that there is currently antagonism between democracy and Islam and points out that there is no single Arab country that has a parliamentary Democracy.

It was remarkable that Aljazeera showed the Dutch Queen when they said that some politicians in The Netherlands called for calm, suggesting that she did not support criticizers like Wilders. The defenders of the Islamic interests seem to have a very sharp eye for the political map of The Netherlands.

What a coincidence, Dutch mainstream political parties, especially on the left, agree fully with Achmed.

An other Dutch news program "Netwerk" also reports on the Aljazeera program on The Netherlands. The led Arabist Leo Kwarten who runs his ow Middle Eastern Consultancy company in the Netherlands and who is often quoted in Dutch media, says about the Aljazeera broadcast: "a very balanced report" and he appreciates their "nuanced report".

Interesting was also to hear the Aljazeera view on the Netherlands:

"guest country of a million Muslims who live there now half a century. They have thousands of Islamic organizations, 300 mosques in 100 cities and villages, 2 Muslim universities and more than 40 state financed Muslim schools".

All true, except that they do not live here for half a century...

Source: NOS, Netwerk


Blogger the adventuress said...

What a bunch of hypocrites! Most Islamic countries discriminate horribly against non-Muslims and many have immigration and citizenship laws that restrict non-Muslims from gainging citizenship (not that there are many of us who are interested in moving to their discriminatory,backward, crap countries!. Such as Malaysia which restricts the number of non-Islamic immigrants so that Muslims are always in the political majority there.

But if we do even a fraction of the same to protect our countries from Political Islam, we're extremists.


8:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy? Not in their terms.

They don't think of Islam and the rest of the world as being in any way equivalent. So tolerance of Islam in the West is a case of the low treating their betters with respect, but intolerance of infidels in the Islamic world is a case of the infidels being quite rightly kept in their place.

9:33 PM  
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