Monday, February 28, 2005

Blogging Europe

Real EU flagEurope has lost its way that is clear. But that is not to say that the continent is totally lost, well at least not yet. That there is hope shows that there are coming more and more critical European blogs. Let's make a quick tour around some blogs I know.

As I am Dutch I start with the always critical Dutch language blog Dutch Disease they pointed me to what they called an excellent article in the Chicago Sunday Times: “U.S. can sit back and watch Europe implode”. The article, I am afraid, describes quite well, some of the current problems in Europe. Or as Dutch Disease says: "The 21st century is being built elsewhere". They also linked to some other articles "Putting the fear of God into Holland" of Sunday Times that gives a good oversight of the Dutch immediate problems (although the article is quite left wing). They link also to the NYT - "More Dutch Plan to Emigrate as Muslim Influx Tips Scales" that shows also to be an disturbing view on the Dutch situation.

Next to The Netherlands is Belgium in which they speak for 50% Dutch and for that other half they speak French (oops I am forgetting the German speaking minority!). Maybe the French speaking part have a compulsion to compensate for their weak position and make the country even more French then France it self, because politically the Belgiums are I think the biggest idiots of whole Europe. But even in this country that host the capital of the European apparatchiks there is hope. Belgium blogger DownEast has a story on a pro Bush Belgium Professor named Cogen, who citizens the EU policies:

"Dialogue alone will not work. Europe is talking with the Arab world for 30 years now, with a lot of diplomats, experts and committees. The result? Very few reforms, and no solutions. I find it amazing how Europe keeps believing in something that yields no results. And they have the same attitude towards Africa, where the problems are even greater. Europe believes that by throwing money and experts at the problems, they will disappear. The hard conclusion should be that with some regimes, talking is useless. Even economic sanctions do not help, as they reinforce the local dictatorship, and make only the people suffer, and not the elites."

Both Down East and Belgium blogger LVB quote also an other Belgium Professor of the same University of Genth saying:

"Continental Europe is evolving towards a socialist economy where the state absorbs and redistributes the largest part of the national product. The private sector is tolerated as a cow to be milked to the limits of the sustainable. Entrepreneurs are diabolized by the socialist-bureaucratic elites as scrooges, polluters, tax evaders etc."

Well, that kind of voices give the freedom loving people in Europe hope. But also from an other neighbor of The Netherlands comes good news. They have the always-critical Medienkritik, they report on an interview with Richard Perl in the well-known German magazine "Die Weld". They have translated the interview in which Perl says that history will proof Berlin and Paris wrong. Perl points out that Europe was wrong about the cold war and now wrong about the war on terror. He predicts that with Iran, the EU will play the same game as with Iraq...

Even from the hearth land of the idea of the European counter weight there are comming critical sounds. French blog No-Pasaran comments on an article of Victor David Hanson about the Bush visit to Europe, published in the Wall Street Journal. No-Pasaran:

"We are hardly any further along before the 'summit' - no worse for the wear, and only slightly less confused about intentions. The opportunity to show either some moral bravery, or a clear explanation of their past position or future intentions were completely missed".

In the North of Europe, where traditionally the communist influence has been the strongest I have discovered a great blog about the affairs in Norway and Sweden. Here Fjordman is reporting about similar events in Norway and Sweden as the DutchReport does for The Netherlands. Fjordman has a great story about how politicians who are critical about Islam are under threath, just like in the Netherlands and other European countries. In an other story of Fjordman, it is reported how Swedish court recognized Sharia law. Scary...

Although these bloggers heavily criticize the current politics in the European countries, the upside is that the growing awareness can be a sign that thing can change in the future. The reports may show a weakened civilization, but criticism is the only way to make the Europeans and their societies stronger again. Let’s just hope the criticism gets loud enough to make a difference.

We have a long way to go...

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Dutch Special Forces to Afghanistan

Dutch Marine's of 45 Commando disembark from a Chinook aircraft on Thursday, 27 June 2002, near Khost in southeastern AfghanistanThe Dutch government is going to send 165 Special Forces (mainly commando troops and some marines) to Afghanistan, together with four Chinook transport helicopters and 85 military. They are joining operation “Enduring Freedom” and going to support the Americans in their offensive against the Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. The troops will operate under American command and their prime task will be collecting intelligence and recon activities. It is the first time that the Netherlands is sending ground troops to do offensive operations in the war on terror.

The Dutch government had announced earlier, it is was investigating the possibility to send four F16 fighter planes to Kabul together with 100 man personnel and a battalion of Marines on stand by for the Afghan parliamentary elections that are most likely will be held this summer. These additional troops would be part of the Nato led ISAF force in which the Dutch already take part with their 'Provincial Reconstruction Team', now consisting of six Apache helicopters with 100 troops and 139 milary personell. The final decision to send these additional troops is made public together with the announcement to take part in operation ‘Enduring Freedom’.

These announcements of the Dutch government follow on the decision to redraw the Dutch ‘peace keeping’ troops from Iraq. Australia is now going to replace these troops that also protect Japanese reconstruction soldiers. Although extra instructors where send to Bagdad most Dutch troops will leave Iraq.

The operations in Iraq, although they where in one of the least violent area’s in Iraq, was not without problems. The Dutch government always made a point of it that they where a ‘peace keeping’ force that had a mandate much like the Dutch police. They gave the impression that they where working for the local Iraqi governor. When a Dutch marine, an officer, allegedly shot an Iraqi looter when his group came under threath. The Dutch military police directly arrested and detained the officer and deported him to The Netherlands. The investigation of the affair was done together with Iraqi officials and the Dutch prosecutor office even wanted to keep the soldier in custody, but had to realease him after the holiday season. In court, the judge ruled that the officer was innocent, but to the amazement of many, the Justice department went in appeal. The head Justice, Jonkheer mr. J. de Wijkerslooth (Socialist party member who is close to the Queen) has now suddenly resigned last week.

But there where more problems. The Dutch relied heavily on the local Iraqi governor, it seems that they saw them selves working for him (police has to work for the legitimate local power you see). But when Dutch soldiers where ambushed and one soldier died, the investigation to that, revealed involvement of the Iraqi governors office. Details where never released, but it seems that after that news the defense minister Kamp did not want to extend the Iraqi mission any longer. Minister Kamp is not known for his pacifist views, last year he tried to convince parliament to buy cruise missiles for the Dutch marine. Not really a defensive weapon that can be used for ‘peace keeping’ missions. Although not pacifistic, he did not do much to stop the outrageous arrest of the Dutch soldier, which undermined the Dutch military operations in Iraq. Overall he seems quite week in protecting his forces against the political opponents of the war.

So my guess is that the military wanted out of Iraq because they can’t trust the Dutch backstabbing Dutch politicians. They rather fight a real war, where the people of Dutch Justices minister Donner cannot hunt them down.

But this Dutch miss management of course gives a lot of problems for the other members in the war on terror. The Dutch have to make good for that. And that seems a good reason for these sudden steps of the Dutch government. It is noteworthy that the government says it does not need parliamentary approval for the offensive operations they now planned to join in Afganistan, they say approvale of parliament is only needed for ‘peace keeping operations’. And indeed the Iraqi mission was extensivly debated at the time. What about the reactions in parliament? They don’t make to much of a problem about that it seems...

Let’s hope the Dutch politicians don’t betray our troops again, like they did in Iraq. Let’s wish the best for the men and woman who risk their lives in this war.

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Wilders in Prison (4)

Justice minister DonnerThe story about the parliamentary representative Geert Wilders who is kept in prison for his own protection continues…

Today parliamentary chairman Weisglass heavily criticized responsible Justice minister Donner. He thinks that the letter he has sent to parliament is unacceptable. The letter was an answer to parliamentairy questions that came after Hirsi Ali gave an interview in which she explained that Wilders was kept in a prison cell. Chairman Weisglass now says he thinks the accusations in the letter are totally out of order and calls his reaction “small-minded”.

“For example, I am convinced that Wilders sleeps in a prison cell” Weisglass told in a interview. But in the letter Donner tried to make the prison cell sound like normal housing. Weisglass now: “To make all kind of accusations to these parliamentary members is I think very small-minded”.

Donner is not happy and questions if the parliamentary chair should act this way.

The big question is, will parliament act? How much more infractions to their sovereignty will they accept? Or better: what is the function of parliament any way?

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Source: Telegraaf, Nu

Friday, February 25, 2005

Hirsi Ali Receives Emancipation Prize

Ayaan Hirsi AliAyaan Hirsi Ali has received Thursday the “Harriët Freezerring” emanicipation prize 2004. She had won the prize last year, but then the police said they couldn’t protect her, but now they apparently could.

The prize is an award given by the Dutch feminist magazine “Opzij” and editor-in-chief Cisca Dresselhuys handed her the prize. Readers of the magazine had chosen the winner: Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She received the prize for her struggle for the emancipation of the Islamic woman.

Chief editor Dresselhuys called Hirsi Ali “the embodiment of the struggle for Muslim woman emancipation” and praised her style: “open and confronting, not scared”. “But Hirsi Ali receives a lot of criticism, also from her direct colleagues of her own liberal party (VVD). They say: should a politician write books, make a movie and to upset so many people? That it causes her to go into hiding and now has to live heavily guarded? How effective is such behavior her opponents ask. And most of all, is it the purpose of a politician to operate like this? In short: Shouldn’t Hirsi Ali stop with politics [and leave parliament]?”. Prominent liberals (VVD) have said she should leave and predicted she will not return after the elections.

But Dresselhuys says she is effective. To the criticasters she explains that there has now come video surveillance camera’s at woman refugee houses. That a woman wrote her and the same woman wrote that “she thanked Ayaan [Hirsi Ali] for that form of protection”. In the past their have been Muslim woman assaulted an murdered who stayed at these locations. Dresselhuys also criticizes Donner for not taking Hirsi Alis serious when she asked attention for the woman, at least 150, who are under threat of honor killings. She emphasizes that it was Hirsi Ali who revealed that minister Donner ignored the request from parliament to start registration of honor killings. She forced him to take action.

Dresselhuys tells about the horror stories she hears from the Islamic, mostly Moroccan, woman. That they are on the run for their brothers, the dead threats they receive for having a Dutch boyfriend or for simply living independent. She says she meets a lot of these Moroccan woman and they are all fans of Hirsi Ali.

Sometimes she says, Hirsi Ali her involvement with woman emancipation is “very personnel” and reveals that the threatened parliamentary representative, against the wishes of her security, on her own address in Denhaag, where she was her self into hiding, took care of a run away Muslima. Hirsi Ali had said: “If I don’t take care for her, now she is threatened by her brothers, what kind of meaning then have all those words?”.

Then to the surprise of Hirsi Ali the girl, who she had been protecting, entered the podium to thank her. The girl asked, for the sake of her security, that the press would refrain from filming or photographing her. “Every body always asks, where are those woman Hirsi Ali is talking about? Well, here I am”.

In the last book Hirsi Ali wrote and that was published last summer, she devoted a long chapter too describe a ‘run-away guide’ for Dutch Muslim girls who are threatened by their family. It is a chilling manual to read.

After receiving the prize Hirsi Ali asked in her speech that the government should do more to protect Muslim girls and woman against family violence. How radical…

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Sources: NRC, Opzij

Robbery in Secure Zone

Schiphol platformDue to the risen terror threat level, code: yellow, the airport of Schiphol is an extra secure area. But today, on the airports platform, where the airplanes taxi to the gates a robbery took place. A secure transport car of KLM cargo full of diamonds and other valuables was on its way to a plane that had destination Antwerp. The robbers took the secure car and left Schiphol without any problems. The car was later found back in Hoofddorp. The police say they have many witnesses.

You have to see it this way: they will stop terrorist with a bomb car, but not robbers!

It is reported that they stole for 75 million Euros, the biggest heist in Dutch history.

See also other Dutch Blogger: Sered's Pov's - Schiphol Security Failure

Source: Planet

Hirsi Ali released

Ayaan Hirsi AliIt is announced today that parliamentary representative Hirsi Ali is soon getting normal housing and does not have to stay in army barracks much longer. According to Donner it is housing “where she can stay as long as the threat continue”. Hirsi Ali has reacted very happy on the news and said she wanted to send Donner flowers. Although she did not wanted to live on a ‘secret’ location, she now says she had to promise to keep the location secret.

Parliamentairy representative Wilders stays in prison camp Zeist.

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Source: Telegraaf

Terror Trial Samir Azzouz

Wife of Samir Azzouz leaves courtAn 18-year-old man who is accused of plotting terror attacks in the Netherlands declined to answer any questions when his trial started in Rotterdam Court on Thursday (Photo: His wife leaving the court room).

The public prosecutor suspects Samir Azzouz of plotting attacks on key installations including Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, the Parliament and Defence Ministry in The Hague, the headquarters of the security service AIVD in Leidschendam and the Borssele nuclear power plant.

He was arrested in Rotterdam in June last year following an armed robbery at a supermarket. Shortly after his arrest the Dutch government instituted a terror alert in certain parts of the country. The alert status has yet to be rescinded.

Police found building floor plans to Schiphol, Borssele and the other targets in Azzouz home in Rotterdam.

A silencer for a gun, two ammunition clips, night-vision goggles and a bullet-proof vest were also discovered as were ammonia and hydrochloric acid, chemicals that are sometimes used to make bombs.

The suspect faces charges of plotting attacks, illegal possession of weapons and robbery at the supermarket. If convicted of the main charges, this would be the first time anyone has been found guilty of plotting terror attacks in the Netherlands.

Another charge of membership of a terrorist organisation is pending as the police investigation into the Hofstadgroep continues.

A dozen young Muslim men were arrested as part of this investigation following the murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh last November. His suspected killer, Mohammed Bouyeri, 26, was allegedly on the periphery of this group and is also being detained.

News service NOS reported that Azzouz 's trial heard on Thursday that police secretly recorded telephone calls the suspect made while in custody.

During a telephone call with another terror suspect Jason Walters, Azzouz allegedly spoke about the police discovering the building plans. "I almost had a heart attack," he is supposed to have said.

Walters and another man were arrested following a 14-hour standoff with police in The Hague about a week after Van Gogh's murder. The incident started when hand grenades were thrown at police officers who were trying to get into a house to arrest the two men.

In a second telephone call, this time to his wife, Azzouz allegedly described television picture scenes of the school siege in the Russian town of Beslan in North Ossetia last year as a "great party".

He first came to the attention of the police in January 2003 when he and another schoolboy left Amsterdam to walk to Chechnya. They had apparently wanted to join Muslim insurgents who were fighting the invasion by Russian forces.

Hampered by very cold conditions, the boys were discovered on the Russian border and returned to the Netherlands before they got to the war-torn republic. In a newspaper interview in 2003, Azzouz said he was disappointed that his mission failed. He said he was not afraid to die: “I was prepared for everything also retaliation”.

But his lawyer Victor Koppe says there is no evidence that Samir Azzouz was preparing for attacks in the Netherlands. “Radical thinking is not a punishable offence in The Netherlands. Is also does not say anything about preparation operations”.

Azzouz and four other men were arrested in October 2003 and charged with plotting terrorist attacks. They were later released due to lack of evidence. So far, there has never been any body convicted for terrorist crimes.

The current trial continues on Friday.

Sources: Telegraaf, Expatica, AD

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Imam arrested

Other Mosque in RotterdamThe Dutch government is trying to improve her image: yesterday "bad cop" Verdonk announced she is going to expell three Imams and today the police arrested a Turkish imam of the Iskender Pasa Camii mosque in the city of Rotterdam. The imam is held on immigration charges and the intelligence service AIVD says the imam is possible a danger for the national security and that makes him persona non-grate. The imam focused on young people. “He preached an orthodox, anti Western and anti democratic strain of Islam”, says minister verdonk. She did not want to answer questions if he was operating alone or in a network.

Thou shalt not kill paintingAfter the murder of Theo van Gogh an artist who lived near the mosque painted outside on his own wall a big dove with the text: “Thou shalt not kill”. But the management of the Iskender Pasa Camii mosque complained to the police and said it was incitement. The police removed the painting and arrested a man who wanted to prevent the removal of the “Thou shalt not kill painting. The police whiped a part of the recordings the journalist made. See movie: here

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Sources: Telegraaf

Maroccan youth in Amersfoort

Mevlana Mosque AmersfoortEarlier the DutchReport reported you on a city in the Netherlands where around 80% of the Moroccan boys was involved in criminal activities. But the DutchReporter is not the only one with a calculator. TV program ‘Netwerk’ reported today that civil servants of the city of Amersfoord did the same. They found out that 40% of all Moroccan youth age 14-17 have a police record in which they are suspected of one or more crimes (police solves in general only 10-15% of the criminal cases). If one takes in account that the girls are as good as never involved in criminal activities, then it is justified to say that 80% of the Moroccan boys age 14-17 have a police record...

What they are going to do about it? A lot, they just don’t say what it is they are going to do. My best guess is, that they are going to invest even more in youth workers and Mosques.

Source: Netwerk TV

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

3 Imams to be expelled (2)

Minister VerdonkYesterday it was reported that three Imams of the Al Fourkaan mosque are going to be expelled (See: 3 Imams to be expelled – part 1). Minster Verdonk told on state TV news: “I suspect these imams of radicalizing other Moslems and of preaching the Jihad”. And continues with: “They are calling for a holy war, a war makes victims and that can’t be tolerated in The Netherlands”. This is also a triumph for representative Wilders, he is asking already for years for these kinds of measures. So far there seems little opposition in parliament to the measures Verdonk has taken.

The names of the Imams are: Sheich’ Abu Tariq and Mahmoud al-Chebli who both had the daily leadership of the mosque. The name of the third Imam is not reported but he was the substitute imam. The Imams have the Bosnian, Kenyan and Egyptian nationality.

Minister Verdonk has revoked by two of the imams their residence permit and did not extend the residence permit of the third one (same result). A residence permit for foreign imams has to be extended each year. They have now three weeks to leave the country or to appeal their case; if they do that they can stay until the trial. The management of the mosque has already said they are going to appeal their case and start court cases.

The inteligence service (AIVD)
The Al Fourkaan mosque has a history of extremism and has often reached the Dutch news in extremist cases. Last year August the intelligence service wrote a report that included six radical mosques, including the Al Fourkaan. The spokes person of the Intelligence service AIVD now says that all Mosques in the report are now under surveillance. All involved mosques preach the Salafist strain of Islam and received funding from Saudi Arabia:
According to the intelligence service the three imams of the Al Fourkaan mosque advocate a type of Islam that is very anti Western. They “contribute to the radicalization of Muslims in the Netherlands”. They have also tolerated the recruitment for the Jihad. By preaching against the West, they have “deliberately” contributed to the radicalization of Muslims and are “jointly” responsible for creating a “breeding ground for Jihad”.

Muslims are angry
But today the Muslims are angry. The spokes person of the Mosque: “If an imam preaches incitement, I am against that. Maybe that has happened sometimes in this mosque, but I don’t know about it because I was not present. But who is minister Verdonk that she can say something about it?”

“Verdonk” explains a young Moroccan “is not fair, she is not a democrat. She suddenly requests from us foreigners that we have a monthly income of 1400 Euro, in case we want to marry a girl from our homeland. And such a girl must be older than 21 years old. Verdonk discriminates and offends us. She can piss off.”

Fini an African says he becomes “aggressive” of this “evil plan” of the minister. “I come often in this mosque and the imams absolutely do not go to far. Verdonk acts a-social and stupid because she divides the people”. “Exactly” says a bystander.

“The allegation are not correct, we are not a terrorist network, but a religious institute”, says spokes person A. Nejjar. “If you make these allegations, you first have to do a thoroughly investigation and that did not happen. Also did minister Verdonk use out dated information, because one of the imams is only a substitute imam”. And he continues: “there is now a tense atmosphere in the mosque. We were working on improving our image by organizing open houses and invite school youth. That is now all thwarted by Verdonk”

Abdellah Wensing [Dutch name] who is already a Muslim convert for 11 years says he has never noticed imams or visitors preach violence. He says: “Islam is not a violent religion”. He says the imams tried to temper the emotions in the mosque when Hirsi Ali began her “hate campaign”. He is not very impressed: “There will be three new imams, the faith will not change. You can expel the Islam from The Netherlands”.

An ex-imam of the mosque says the management of the mosque is totally surprised by the move of minister. He says around 800 people visit the sermons of the imams. According to him the mosque has several times invited Minster Verdonk [immigration] and minister Remkes [domestic affairs], but they both never responded on the invitation.

The Burgomaster
Burgomaster SakkersThe management of the Mosque says it has been reaching out to the non-Islamic community. Burgomaster A. Sakkers says he knows about it: “In December the management has promised to me that there would come more transparency”. He says he is “surprised” by the move of minister Verdonk. “I had the impression that things had improved in the mosque, I notices during my visits [to the mosque] that there was no danger”. Last week there was a conference about Islamic faith [in the mosque]. The police reported [to me] positively about the event, according to the burgomaster. But he adds: “In case the intelligence reports of the AIVD are correct, then the minister takes the correct action, also for all the Muslims in the city of Eindhoven”. The burgomaster has intensified the police protection of the mosque.

Dutch Muslim council
Chairman Maddoe of the Dutch Muslim CouncilChairman D. Maddoe of the Dutch Muslim council says: “Imams who disrupt the democracy or civil order, may indeed be tackled. But I like to plea for a thorough investigation that hears both sides”. And how has the jurisdiction been regulated? “There is now a discussion about who we call an extremist or radical. The government is not allowed to say when ever they like: throw them out”.

The Netherlands has 453 mosques according to the Social and Cultural-planning agency of the government. Nearly all have multiple foreign Imams. We still have a long way to go…

See also part 1: 3 Imams to be expelled (1)

Source: NU(1), NU(2), Telegraaf, NRC(1), NRC(2), NRC(3), Trouw

Al-Jazeera: Wilders is Extremist

Yesterday Al-Jazeera TV started a sequel about Europe and the first country they coverd was The Netherlands. Achmed Kamel who interviewed Dutch representative Wilders for Al-Jazeera calls Wilders a “provocative and insulting extremists who profits from fear”. In Dutch TV program Nova he said that Wilders only wants to profit from the tension between two communities for political gain but not to solve anything.

The interview Achem had with Wilders that was broadcasted worldwide by Al-Jazeera yesterday. In the interview Wilders says that there is currently antagonism between democracy and Islam and points out that there is no single Arab country that has a parliamentary Democracy.

It was remarkable that Aljazeera showed the Dutch Queen when they said that some politicians in The Netherlands called for calm, suggesting that she did not support criticizers like Wilders. The defenders of the Islamic interests seem to have a very sharp eye for the political map of The Netherlands.

What a coincidence, Dutch mainstream political parties, especially on the left, agree fully with Achmed.

An other Dutch news program "Netwerk" also reports on the Aljazeera program on The Netherlands. The led Arabist Leo Kwarten who runs his ow Middle Eastern Consultancy company in the Netherlands and who is often quoted in Dutch media, says about the Aljazeera broadcast: "a very balanced report" and he appreciates their "nuanced report".

Interesting was also to hear the Aljazeera view on the Netherlands:

"guest country of a million Muslims who live there now half a century. They have thousands of Islamic organizations, 300 mosques in 100 cities and villages, 2 Muslim universities and more than 40 state financed Muslim schools".

All true, except that they do not live here for half a century...

Source: NOS, Netwerk

3 Imams to be expelled

Al Fourkaan MosqueImmigration Minister Rita Verdonk is moving to deport three Muslim clerics because of accusations they represent a threat to public order and national security. The three imams will be declared undesirable aliens and two of them will have their residence permits cancelled, the first such action has been taken against clerics. In the third imam's case, an application for an extension of a residence permit will be refused.

The Dutch security service AIVD said one of the imams originates from Bosnia and a second comes from Kenya. The AIVD did not want to declare the origin of the third imam.

Minister Verdonk took the decision in Inquiries by the AIVD indicated that the imams "contribute to the radicalization of Muslims in the Netherlands", the Justice Ministry said on Tuesday. All three imams work at the Al Fourkaan mosque at the Otterstraat in Eindhoven.

The ministry claims the imams tried to recruit, or tolerated the recruiting, of Muslims for Jihad, or holy war. They are also accused of using their sermons to urge Muslims to "isolate" themselves from the rest of Dutch society. The AIVD said the mosque in Eindhoven disseminated the Salafist philosophy — which is strongly opposed to Western society and the imams there were sponsoring aversion of the West in their sermons.

In the past the Al Fourkaan has been often in the news:

Jihadist die in Kasmir
Two young Moroccan boys: Ahmed el Bakiouli and Khariq el Hassnoui where regular visitors of the Al Fourkaan mosque. Ahmed was a brother of Youssef el Bakiouli who is teacher of the to Mosques allied school Tarieq Ibnoe Ziyad (the school that was attacked after the murder on Van Gogh). In January 2002 the two boys wanted to join the Jihad but where shot dead in Karmir.

Al Ouakf Al Islami Foundation
The intelligence service has reported in 2000 that the “Al Ouakf Al Islami” foundation operated from the same address. This foundation, funded from Saudi Arabia was propagating segragation to young Dutch Muslims. The family of died Jihadist Ahmed el Bakiouli was involved in the foundation.

Mohammed Cheppih
The spokes person of the ‘el Bakiouli’ family was Mohammed Cheppih, he and his father act also as imam in the Al Fourkaan mosque. But he is also the Dutch director of the ‘Moslem World League’, an organization that is suspected of financing the 9/11 attacks. Cheppih is a very known muslim, who often has defended Moslem ‘rights’ on Dutch television. He was nearly the leader of the Dutch terrorist front organization AEL, but after much media attention and intelligence attention he decided that a less visible role would suite him better. In the past he has worked together with Wael Jalaidan, who is identified as the logistical manager of Bin Laden who also has visited The Netherlands. Cheppih: “I knew Jalaidan personally and he has done worldwide delivered enormously contribution for humanitarian work from Saudi Arabia”

9/11 Hijackers
Two of the 9/11 Hijackers have come from Germany to taken lessons in the Mosque prior to their terror attack in the US.

Abdul-Jabber van de Ven
The Dutch Muslim convert, van der Ven, who said just after the murder on Theo van Gogh that he hoped that Wilders would die also preaches at the Al Fourkaan mosque and is attached to the Al Ouakf Al Islami foundation.

Jason Walters
The arrested Dutch/American jihadist, Jason Walters, who was planning to assassinated Wilders and Hirsi Ali and who throw hand grenades to the police during his arrest (See Chatting with terrorist) was a regular visitor of the Al Fourkaan mosque. He saw Abdul-Jabber van de Ven as his spirtual leader who could give fatwa's for the Jihad.

Dive club
In 2003 it was reported that the fundamentalist's Al Fourkaan mosque in Eindhoven was recruiting people for a dive trainning at the Islamic Dive center Safe Divings.

This is only a list issues I remembered about this mosque. If you would do some research, I bet you find a whole lot more. So it is good that the Dutch government finally comes into action against this mosque. This the first time the government comes into action against Imams and it was about time they came into action. But wouldn’t you agree it is too little, too late?

See also part 2: 3 Imams to be expelled (2)

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Wilders in Prison (3)

Justice   minister DonnerThe story about the parliamentary representatives, Geert Wilders and Ayaan Hirsi Ali who are kept in prison and army barracks for their protection continues…

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Today Minister Donner has sent a letter to parliament about the affair. In the letter he writes that the revelations by Hirsh Ali not only endangered her self but also the people who take care of her security. According to Donner, there was no need for their complaints; he is doing all he can. He says that the style of their security is their free choice and that they have agreed upon it. Also he seems to insinuate that Wilders is not kept in a prison cell.

Wilders was disturbed and said Donner tells half-truths about his security. About Donners denial that he is living in a cell he said: “It certainly is a cell”.

In his letter Donner also writes that they had found last week a location for Hirsh Ali that met the criteria and he insinuates that Hirsi Ali is picky. But Hirsi Ali said that that is not true: “On February 3rd I inspected a location, to which I said ‘yes’, but the people of the NCBB [National Coordinator Security of Donner] have advised me not to do it. Because my neighbor, Henk van der Meijden [best known gossip journalist of the Netherlands, who is now retired], had a view on my balcony.

Donner also suggest that Wilders preferred to live in the prison cell: “who under the circumstances where explicitly preferred by him [Wilders]”. But Wilders now says, “it is rubbish that I preferred that”. “I only had the option between worse and worse, it was either a jail or a barrack. What I wanted, was a secure residence, but that was not allowed at that moment”.

But that is not all Donner also writes that Hirsi Ali, after the murder of Theo van Gogh had chosen her self to stay for a couple of months abroad. This is according to Hirsi Ali “a strange vision on the idea of free choice”. “I had the option between being murdered and flee. They told me: If you want to stay a couple of nights on the same address you have to go out of the country. That had been motivated by fear.”

But Donner is not only angry on Hirsi Ali and Wilders, he is also angry on liberal (VVD) vice Prime Minister Zalm. In the past, when Zalm was still leader of the liberal (VVD) party, he had personally asked Hirsi Ali to join his liberal party. Zalm has now said that the housing of Wilders and Hirsi Ali was “bad” and called it “insane” that they had to move constantly and had to stay in a prison and army barrack. “The government has to stop this” and “it can not be that in The Netherlands, threatened parliamentary representatives are only safe in a prison”. Donner was angred by these remarks and asked Zalm to come and explain his statements.

The Letter Donner had send to parliament:

February 22, 2005

Because of the recent publicity about the residence of Ms. Hirsi Ali and Mr. Geert Wilders I want to inform you about some aspects of their security.

I deplore the fact that due to statements in the media made by Hirsi Ali, their location has become public knowledge. That is not only dangerous for them but also for the security personnel and others who provide services to them. Because of revelation in the media about their staying locations, we had to take appropriate measures.

The main point in the security arrangements for the involved person, is the protection of his physical integrity or –as is now the case- against threats against their live. For this the security services have a package of measures in the object and person protection sphere. The primary focus is on the security of their residence. Security and protection is custom work that depends on the kind of threat, the likelihood and other circumstances.

Also it is the intention of the security procedures that these measures will make it possible that a person can participate in normal social exchanges both professional and private. It is of eminent importance that the protected persons co-operate in the execution of these protective measures. Depending on the severity of the threat and the needed measures this will determine the impact on personal live of the involved person. I understand the great pressure that the heavy security measures causes.

In the case of Ms. Hirsi Ali and Mr. Wilders a large number of threats against their physical integrity and life, lead to a need for measures of personal protection. Under the influence of increasing threats after the murder on Van Gogh, Ms. Hirsi Ali – and later Mr. Wilders – where urgently advised to leave their own domicile of that time. Ms. Hirsi Ali at that time choose her self to stay for some moths outside The Netherlands. The government facilitated her wish. Already before her return to the Netherlands we had a safe location for her available. Miss Hirsi Ali rejected this location. At that time it was agreed upon that after her return to the Netherlands, because of all attention about her return, she would stay for 14 days in a safe house. After that she would be temporary housed until a permanent location would came available. The National Coordinator Security (NCBB) has in my name spoken with her, with the intention to realize a permanent secure living environment with an express focus on quality of living. Shortly after her return Ms. Hirsi Ali has indicated that she was satisfied with her safe house. She wanted to stay there until she got housed at a permanent location. The step of a temporary housing was skipped on her request. In the mean while, a few houses where inspected on behave of the NCBB. None of these houses turned out to be satisfactory. It seems clear that personal wishes and security needs not always go together. Beginning last week there was inspected a location that could meet the criteria and for which was already chosen unless within 14 days a better alternative would come up. Last week it was already agreed with the NCBB that this week there would be more inspections of other housing possibilities that could lead to possible better housing.

With respect to Mr. Wilders, due to security concerns he could no longer stay in is old residence. Due to the circumstances he has been housed on different locations and since that he stays – after deliberation – on a secure location, who under the circumstances where explicitly preferred by him. It was agreed with him that for the time being he would search on his own initiative for a permanent residence location and that he would propose some alternatives to the NCBB. Until this weekend, I had no indications, what so ever, that Mr. Wilders wanted a other arrangement. Also I want to stress that his location is not a “cell” but on a location that, both in quality and size, meets the requirements for such a location.

In consequence of the messages in the media, a meeting on the request of Mr. Wilders and Ms. Hirsi Ali has taken place with me. We have spoken about the situation. Conclusion of this meeting was that we continue to search in cooperation with the involved persons to search for safe housing and than on request of Mr. Wilders this will also be done for him. I realize that sooner or later, the address of these locations will not stay secret. This aspect will be taken into account when choosing their permanent secure locations.

When needed, I am willing to inform the parliamentary commission for Intelligence and Security services about certain details on the basis of confidentiality.

The Justice Minister [Donner]

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Sources: Justice department (The Letter), NRC

Bush visits EU

US president BushBush is visiting Belgium, well actually he is visiting the European union, let’s just hope the Belgium’s can behave this time. Belgium blogger follows the visits and the incidents… (In English!)

Although US president Bush is not going to visit the Netherlands he did mention Holland in his speech, once. He said that we should reject anti Semitism in all its form but also the violence we have seen in The Netherlands.

But what did he mean by that? Did he mean the Muslim violence against criticasters? Was it an indirect criticism on the Dutch government for not protecting Islam criticizers? Or did he refer to the burning of the Muslim school? Well, the Dutch press assumes the last option. Let’s hope Mr. Bush will clarify his remark latter.

Source: ND

Monday, February 21, 2005

Wilders in Prison (2)

Representative Geert WildersEarlier I reported that representative Wilders is in Prison, because he is under threat by Dutch Islamic extremist. This is part 2 of the story:

Parliamentary chairman Weisglas now says he is “shocked by the disinterested reactions” in parliament after the protest of representatives Hirsi Ali and Wilders. ”I think the parliamentary members accept it way to easy that a colleague, has to sleep for months in a prison cell”. He describes it as a “disgrace” and “a pathetic show” that Wilders is in prison to protect him against terrorism. Weisglas says he has this weekend made it “very clear” to the government that the two representatives should be able to live in normal circumstances.

Hirsi Ali has proposed a parliamentary debate about the matter, but this weekend she did not get any support of the other parliamentary members. Most are silent and some criticizes them:

After prime Minster Balkenende and justice minister Donner condemned the protest. Other parliamentary members did the same. Christian (CDA) Representative Haersma Buma declared Friday that the protest “now way what so ever” contributed to a solution. Liberal (VVD) Representative Bibi de Vries, vice fraction leader, called the actions of her liberal colleague “clumsy”. Socialist (PvdA) leader Wouter Bos questions if Hirsi Ali operates smartly: “I understand her though situation, but that will not improve by her remarks”.

Hirsi Ali criticizes Balkenende sharply for his condemnations, she says: “In the get the impression that he thinks it is our own fault”. Represent Wilders says his isolated stay in prison camp Zeist is “nearly not livable”. He thinks that minister Donner does not understand their situation, “I do not wish this for anybody, but for the understanding it would not be bad if he would realize what Hirsi Ali and I go through”.

The Experts
Security expert Hans Salman says in NRC newspaper that he nearly couldn’t believe the news: “Wilders? In a prison?”. With his company International Security Partners (ISP) he often works for families who need personal protection. In the 80s he still worked for the Dutch police and was involved in the protection of the French ambassador, who was under threat by top terrorist Carlos the Jackal. He was also involved in the protection of the Turkeys ambassador, who was under threat of the ultra nationalistic Turkeys Gray Wolves.

Salman who has now 25 years experience says he is “very surprised” how the two are housed. “This is asking for trouble” he says and continues with: “Every body knows that nobody can endure something like this. Staying for moths in a cell in Zeist or the Amsterdam Marine complex – I know both locations – generates a lot of emotional resistance: nobody can sustain that”.

This can easily be done differently, says Salman. “Heavily threatened people can easily stay in a villa with a garden. An attacker also makes a risk assessment. The big problem with personal protection is according to Salman “the street risk”, as expert call it. “It is much more important that you take care of the moment you leave the car or house. Those are the critical moments”.

Former Amsterdam police commissioner and security expert Kees Sietsma, emphasizes that all depends on the risk assessment [of the Dutch intelligence service]. He says that the protected people should also be aware of the risks for the security personnel and refers to the bombing of the ex-prime Minster of Lebanon who was blown up last week. But he says, Hirsi Ali and Wilders are right to say that in countries like Israel, the United States, Spain and Italy, the living addresses of people under threat are not secret.

Arie Duijdam of Interseco, the biggest personnel protection firm in The Netherlands also thinks there are other alternatives, he is surprised that the government does not use its safe houses. He says he has seen protective techniques in many countries, but “the kind of security measures used in The Netherlands for these parliamentary members is so far he knows, never used any where else. This is very tough”.

The government
Today Minister Donner spoke with both Hirsi Ali and Wilders. His spokes person said that he has told them “he keeps searching for a safe solution to house them in a permanent house”. He will inform the parliament about the conversation tomorrow by letter. According to Donner they had a “good conversation” at the Ministry of Justice.

Representative Ayaan Hirsi AliHirsi Ali
Hirsi Ali now says, “that it is very good” that they are now working on the matter. Donner has told her that he made available 1 civil servant to search fulltime to a secure house for her. Hirsi Ali: “it is not yet clear if prime Minster Balkenende and Justice minister Donner have taken the principal step, that parliamentary members will not be put away. That still dependents on their new efforts. If you put Wilders in a cell, what do you think the message to terrorists will be? If you on the other hand, arrange normal housing, you say: threatened parliamentary members are allowed to continue their work, without any censor ship”.

Hirsi Ali says she does not want to stay a representative if she cannot live in a house that is hers. She has already given up most of her housing wishes. Her only housing wish left, is that the house has a garden or balcony, so she does not have to leave the house if she wants some fresh air. “I don’t want that a whole column of security guards has to come when ever miss Hirsi Ali wants to sit for a moment in the sun”.

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Sources: NRC, NRC(2), NRC(3), NRC(4), Nu, Trouw

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Pim Fortuyn awards

Pim FortuynToday on the 57th birthday of assassinated opposition leader Pim Fortuyn (See Note below), he was commemorated in the Laurentius cathedral. Where this evening also a special service was held and where the Pim Fortuyn awards were given to persons who has devoted them selves to the same causes as Pim Fortuyn did.

The family of the also assassinated Theo van Gogh received posthumous the prices for “most Fortuynist opinion maker of 2004”. Winner in the category “Politician of 2004” was Geert Wilders, the independent candidate who is starting his own political party (See also: Wilders in prison). In the category “Columnist of 2004” the free thinker Pamela Hemelrijk was awarded. She has libertarian views and wrote for example an anti socialist manifesto. Hemelrijk: "I consider socialism an obscene ideology, doomed to end in either total self destruction or total dictatorship" (and that kind of stuff does not make you popular Dutch PC circles).

Note: Pim Fortuyn was assassinated a week before the elections in 2004 by a greener, who opposed his critical position on the Islam. At that moment he was in the poles one of the biggest political parties. He had his party only started a few months before the elections. Theo van Gogh a friend of Pim Fortuyn, made a movie about the murder of Pim Fortuyn (See: 0605 Political Murder explained) . In the movie the Dutch Intelligence service knows about the murder plot, but does nothing to stop it.

Other websites:
Pamela Hemelrijk - Translated column: They all laughed at Christopher Columbus

Source: fok

Friday, February 18, 2005

Wilders in prison

Islamist outside, Wilders insideParliamentary representatives Geert Wilders, who receives many dead threats from Islamic immigrants is already for months housed in prison camp Zeist. A high secure prison that was also used for the Lockerbie terrorists. Wilders has to sleep in a prison cell. Representative Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who is also on the Islamists hit list, is housed on a heavily guarded Marine complex in Amsterdam.

Hirsi Ali told this today to the press. She wanted to protest how they both are treated. Representative Wilders declined to comment on the matter.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali reveals their secret locations “out of fear that others discover it. I want to live on a place of which everybody knows: here lives a threatened representative, but she is safe there. That’s how they do that in countries like Israel and the United States, but also in Italy and Spain.”

She experiences it as “very unjust and pathetic” that she has to live on secret locations. She thinks the “basic rights to be involved in politics” is under threat by the security philosophy professed by Minister Donner and the National Security Coordinator (NCBB). She says the philosophy is this: “Who is under threat should disappear”.

This way they “unintended reach the goals of my opponents who do every thing to stop me: from threats to murder plans.”, Hirsi Ali says.

The threatened representatives are them selves not informed about nature or gravity of the threats. Hirsi Ali says the situation is also no longer temporary. She already had to leave her own house in September 2002. But she can not reach agreement with the NCBB about a permanent residence: "Their objective is that is has to be a secret location, without a view, a house where nobody can see you. That way you always have the risk that you have to move, if some does see you"

Representative Wilders is told, that he has to stay in jail until September before he can get other housing. Five years a go this prison was used to hold the Libyan terrorist who blew up a plane above Lockerbie. After the Lockerbie trial the prison has been used for drug traffickers from Schiphol. But at this moment it is used for illegal aliens and other criminals.

Hirsi Ali confirms that her work as a representative is under pressure: “the work of a representative is stressful, I can not go home in the weekend and unwind like other representatives. I’m prepared to invest heavily in public life, but this is out of proportion. I have no freedom.”

Note: The press and other parliamentary members, some even of her own liberal (VVD) party have attacked Hirsi Ali in the past and suggested that her work as representative is under pressure and said she could better stop.

Wilders and Hirsi Ali in parliamentUpdate: Reactions on Hirsi Ali

Represent Wilders says in the TV news that he "agrees for 300% with her critique" given by Hirsi Ali earlier this day. He says he is offered "other options than the prison cell, but they where just as bad". He says he can understand that directly after the murder of Theo van Gogh there was no housing, but now it is different.

Prime minister Balkenende was not pleased with Hirsi Ali her statements, because it would harm their security. He finds it "nearly unbelievable" that a representative gives away hiding place. He does not want to make security a source of public discussion. The police confirms that Hirsi Ali stayed at the Marine base, but says she will not go there ever again.

Justice minister Donner, responsible for their security, says he regrets her statements. He says he understands their difficult situation but that they should restrain them selves when they speak about personal security. In the past Donner has said that Wilders and others should not use their personnel protection as status symbol.

Parliamentary chairman Weisglass says the government should make more effort in providing as normal housing as possible for the two parliamentary members. Last month he called it a duty of the government that parliamentary members can lead a normal life.

Vice fraction leader B. de Vries of the liberal party (VVD), the party of Hirsi Ali, says it is not handy of Hirsi Ali to give away her address: "Now her security is even more at risk and that can not be her intention. The Liberal party (VVD) worries about that".

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H/T: Dutch Disease
NRC, NU, Nieuws

Police could have caught ‘The Syrian’

Dutch JihadLocal Dutch newspaper, Parool, now reports that the only member of the Terrorist network the ‘Hofstad groep’ who is not arrested is their leader Redouan al-Issar (A.K.A. The Syrian). Could have been arrested any moment the police or the intelligence service had wanted.

They also write that Redouan (43), was at the time of the murder on Theo van Gogh, in The Netherlands. His wife, a Muslim convert, lives in the ‘Moerwijk’ neighbourhood. He regularly visited her and their child. The intelligence service knew her address. But people in the ‘Moerwijk’ neighbourhood in Denhaag say the have seen him visiting her in the fall 2004 several times. He was regular seen walking with his baby and stepchild. One witness even says, he saw him in November, the same month Theo van Gogh was murdered by Mohammed Bouyeri.

The intelligence service had the Syrian under surveillance. Since August 2002 he is know to be a leading figure in the Hofstad group. Under his leadership mostly Moroccan youth has been prepared for the violent Jihad against the enemies of Islam. After the murder of Theo van Gogh the justice department issued an international warrant for the Syrian.

The Syrian was also arrested in 2003, on charges of preparing a terrorist attack in The Netherlands (Then they also searched the house of Mohammed Bouyeri). But the court case failed because the prosecutor could not provide the evidence. But Redouan, was declared an “unwanted alien”. In December 2003 they deported him to Germany, where he in the 90s tried with no result to get asylum.

This court order made it possible to arrest Reduoan at any moment the intelligence service wanted. But they did not do that. Neither the police nor the intelligence service AIVD wanted to comment on the matter.

So why did the intelligence service did not arrest him? If it was because they wanted to monitor this terrorist leader, why then was he not under close surveillance, with no possibility to escape? It must be said: in the movie 0605, the movie The van Gogh just finished before his dead, the intelligence service also knew of the coming murder of Pim Fortuyn. But the service did nothing to prevent it, due to political motives. If that would be the case, the service would at least know what they were doing, but I am afraid it is even worse: they are just sheer incompetent…

H/T: Dutch Disease


A city in The Netherlands

Jihad against the infidels!In the local Dutch newspaper 'Brabands Dagblad' it is reported that in the city of Den Bosh there are 16 gangs of mainly Moroccan youth who cause trouble. In total about 300 people. A research institute (IVA) rated half of them in the highest problem group that is involved in things like: theft, receiving, drug trafficking, drugs pushing, battering or in some cases even manslaughter or rape. The newspaper also reported that the government does not have good information about the problems and how to deal with it.

In the area of Den Bosch live around 131.664 people of which around 3726 are first and second generation Moroccan immigrants (Dutch Source: Wijkenoverzicht). That means we are talking about around 8% of the Moroccan's. But if we take demographics in account we get even worse results. Nation wide demographic numbers for Moroccan's (Dutch source: iseo-eur) say that 20% of the Moroccan's are age 14-25. That would estimate the Moroccan youth with an age between 14-25 to around 750 in Den Bosh.

That would mean that around 40% of the Moroccan youth in Den Bosch is causing extreme problems. But the girls, who are approximate 50% of the youth, are never involved in street crimes and harassments cases. This means that these number say that 80% of the Moroccan boys in Den Bosh are involved in street violence. Pretty scary number isn't it?

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Source: Brabands Dagblad

Ruud Lubbers

UN special

Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Slaying of the Dutch Filmmaker

The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment FFI has published on 2 February 2005 a highly interesting report: 'The Slaying of the Dutch Filmmaker' with Security classification: unclassified.

In the introduction, it is stressed that the Norwegian report "surveys in depth the available open source information about the ritualistic murder of the filmmaker Theo Van Gogh on the streets of Amsterdam on November 2, 2004". It does include, however, some information not from 'open sources', but provided by an unidentified 'Dutch intelligence official' in January 2005. Some of those remarks:

-It has (.....) been confirmed that three members of the network trained in Kashmiri jihad camps in Pakistan, and that two members attended a training facility in Afghanistan.

-Mohammed Bouyeri probably had a more important role in the group than was first perceived. The fact that the group regularly convened in his house is an indicator that he played an important role. In addition, his profile matches those of leading operatives and coordinators of planned attacks throughout Western Europe. There are indications that Bouyeri was the "communications coordinator" of the Hofstad Network.

-His current whereabouts is unknown, but according to a Dutch intelligence official there are indications that he might have headed back to Syria. (re. the Syrian preacher Ridwan al-Issar, the alleged ideological leader of the group.)

The members of the Hofstad Network:

Samir Azzouz
Mohammed Bouyeri aka Abu Zubair
Ahmed Hamdi
Mohammed Fahmi Boughabe aka Abu Mussab
Zine L.
Ismail Akhnikh aka Suheib
Jason Walters aka Abu Mujahied al-Amrikie
Mohamed Bassem al-Issa aka Radwan al-Issa aka Abu Khaled
Yousef E.
Mohammed El Morabit
Nouredine El Fatmi
Mohammed El Bouklaoui
Rachid Bousana
Zakaria T.
Nadir A.
Jermain Walters


Conclusions from an unclassified Norvegian report on the Van Gogh killing:

The analysis (.....) indicates that the slaying of Theo Van Gogh should be considered a terrorist attack, not by a lone fanatic, but by a member of an al-Qaida inspired Sunni Islamist ad-hoc terrorist network. For example, the modus operandi of the attack was typical of al-Qaida and its associated groups waging global jihad against the US and its allies around the world. The radical Islamist milieu the killer belonged to, the Hofstad Network, was involved in the same type of activities and "organized" itself in the same way as other al-Qaida associated or inspired terrorist networks that have been detected in Western Europe recent years. In addition, the social profiles of Bouyeri, and other members of the Hofstad Network, resemble those of incarcerated militant Islamists who have been planning attacks in European countries.

Contextual analysis of the operation in Amsterdam indicates potential motivations related to multiple contexts that could be considered relevant for Muslim immigrants to Holland, such as Dutch immigration policy and counter-terrorism efforts, the "global war on terrorism" and the invasion of Iraq, as well as increased conflict-levels in areas of political grievance and symbolic value to Islamists and Muslims in general, such as in Palestine, Chechnya and Kashmir. In addition the Van Gogh case suggests that statements by high-profile persons that are exposed in the media might be interpreted as "insults against Islam", and thus serve as partial motivation for terrorism, or at least affect the target selection of the Islamist militants, who have chosen terrorism as a strategy in the battle against the US and its allies. The murder of the filmmaker also showed the effectiveness of an assassination of a public figure in spreading fear and escalating the levels of conflict between the Dutch and immigrants to Holland, adding to a growing xenophobia, which in turn might lead to increased problems of integration, and make alienated young Muslim immigrants receptive of al-Qaida's vision of global jihad.

From a counter terrorism perspective, the concept of complex motivations, or multiple social, political and religious motivations (related to different contexts), implies that the police and intelligence services working to prevent terrorist attacks should pay careful attention to political developments beyond the geographical area they police, and be aware that Islamist terrorism might occur as a response by developments in other countries, or faraway areas of the world. There is an urgent need for systematically mapping motivational factors and "triggers", as well as mapping the various types of targets that might be attacked, the timing and the operational patterns of the terrorist cells, in order to develop effective early warning systems. In this respect one has to find out more about who the terrorists are, and the social contexts that "produce" potential terrorists. In addition it seems important, in the prosecution of terrorist suspects, to strike a balance between being firm, on the one hand, and being prudent and just on the other. This in order not to stir unnecessary anger among broader segments of the Diaspora communities and create new incentives for joining militant groups. On the political level, as much as possible should be done to reduce social and political grievances locally and internationally, that might motivate Islamist terrorists, and might be interpreted in terms of al-Qaida's ideology that Islam is under a worldwide attack by the US and its allies.

Read full report here.


Source: Norwegian Defence Research Establishment FFI, 'The Slaying of the Dutch Filmmaker'.

Many Terror Attacks Prevented

ne pas kaboemThe Norwegian Defence Research Establishment has said in an interview with Radio Netherlands that 15 major terrorist attacks have been prevented in Europe since September 11, 2001. It gave no further details but did say that the plans were for attacks that were aimed at killing large numbers of people. The Dutch Intelligence Service confirmed that an unspecified number of large attacks in The Netherlands had also been thwarted.

Norway has also published the first foreign report over the death of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh.
The report says that the so-called 'Hofstad Group' was comprised of 16 people and was organized exactly like other terrorist cells in Europe that have been inspired by al-Qaeda. The Norwegian report said the man suspected of murdering Mr van Gogh played a much more important role in the 'Hofstad Group' than is generally assumed.

Source: Radio Netherlands

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Dutch leave the country

This year the emigration is bigger than the immigration.

Read more here:

H/T: Modern Tribalist

Hindu temple under attack

ShivaDutchDisease blog translated this Dutch-language article:

A Hindu temple in The Hague, the Ram Mandir, is frequently being attacked by a group of Moroccan youth. Young Hindu’s are so fed up with the situation they want to take matters into their own hands.

Morrocans shoved dog faeces through the mailbox, broke into the temple twice, took a statue, urinated inside and stole money from the moneybox. Mister S. Ramdhani, a Hindu priest, says: “They spit, don’t let visitors pass through, robbed two elderly ladies and then threatened them not to press charges. Our secretary was attacked with a stick.”

Ramdhani doesn’t want young Hindu’s and Moroccans to clash. “If groups start fighting each other we get a very bad situation. We can’t have that here in Holland.” Ramdhani is very bitter about the case. Last year he was given a ribbon by the queen for his contribution to the integration of foreigners in the neighbourhood. Every year thousands of students from The Hague come to the temple to learn more about the Hindu faith, it’s also a haven for troubled teens. Since 9/11 Ramdhani has been trying to reach out to Christians and Muslims.

The trouble caused by Moroccan youth has made a dent in Ramdhani’s idealism. He’s thinking about no longer attending the 9/11 meetings. “I feel discriminated against. Why they have to choose our temple? There is a mosque nearby. Why don’t they go over there to cause trouble? They must hate the Hindu faith. Otherwise I don’t know.”

Rabin Baldewsingh, a member of the city council for the social-democrats, asked mayor Deetman for help. The police says it’s ‘on the agenda’.

H/T: Jihad Watch , Source: Dutch Disease

Monday, February 14, 2005

Living safely

The hous on the Zuilense Nijenrodeplantsoen (Utrecht)Here a story of a multi cultural neighborhood in the city of Utrecht:

After stones through the windows, a burning car driven against the house and two arson attacks, the house at the Nijenrodeplantsoen in the Zuilense neighborhood of the city of Utrecht is still empty. The last tenant, a woman of 34 has fled the city of Utrecht. In her new house in a small village, far away from Zuilen [neighborhood in the city of Utrecht], she now tells her story.

I am still scared, still nervous when I walk through my new house. And I am angry. I feel abandoned. Why did they not listen to me?

In 1999 I came to the house in Zuilen. The man, who had hired the house before me, was stabbed just before the front door. That I had to hear from my neighbors. Mitros [the semi government social housing service] and the police didn’t tell me. If you know what happened here, you would not give this house to a mother with two children, would you? The first year I lived here, not much happened. Some times there was a group of Moroccan youth in front of my door.

Some times they where with five, some times with twenty, but I could talk with them. When my children would go to bed, they moved to a spot down the road. It all went wrong, when the group’s composition changed. The older boys left and new younger boys took their place.

It started with abusive language. They said the most horrendous things too me. After that the vandalism started. Throwing mud, latter eggs on the windows. Around new year, the put firework through my letterbox opening in the front door. From the gallery above, they threw garbage bags in my garden. At times there where ten of them banging on my back yard fence. And a lot of theft took place. I lost my video recorder, wallet and a bicycle. It was also a horror for my children. They had no friends, were called names, got kicked and punched. Rocks were thrown to them and their bikes where trashed. They where pestered and driven out of the playground. I could not provide security to my children, not even in my own house. That’s the worst thing that can happen for a mother.

Later the eggs became stones. And those did go through the windows, even when I was at home. Once I grabbed such a little punk, but I had to take punches from an older boy. I had to let him go, I did not wanted to be totally beat-up by them. It became a campaign, only directed against me. Why? If I talked to them, they told me they wanted a youth center. Apparently my house was a very suitable location for that. Maybe they had to have me, because I, unlike my neighbors, filled charges of the vandalism and burglary.

They saw the police officers at my house and would later retaliate. I tried to talk to the parents of the boys. From others (via, via), I came to know their addresses and visited them. But suddenly these people didn’t speak Dutch any more.

With New Year, two years ago, it went totally out of control. A small, curtain at an open window, was put on fire. At that moment I was already busy moving out, I could not take it any more. Later they even threw a Molotov cocktail, via the rear, in the house. I was just lucky, that the carpeting and furniture was already removed at that moment. Otherwise my whole house would have been burned to the ground.

Socialist alderman SpekmanOf course I went to the police and filed charges. But nothing happened. You had to sit for hours on the police station, but nothing happened. Mitros has made the most mistakes. I told them I wanted to move as soon as possible to an other house, but according to the police and Mitros the situation was initially not serious enough. Even a conversation with alderman Spekman (Socialist –PvdA) did not change anything. In August they finally offered me this house [all cheap housing in Holland is government regulated]. I did not had to think a second about it, although I am born in Utrecht, I just wanted to flea this city. I am relieved that I got a new start here. A quite neighborhood with normal neighbors. If I am in Utrecht, I duck if I see familiar faces. I warn my children for groups of Moroccan youth and if I see them my self, I take a walk.

I try not to discriminate. That is hard, but I think I do fine. I have very nice Moroccan neighbors above me. You cannot generalize them all together. One of the reasons that I tell this story is that my old neighbors are still in the same situation. They are scared. I am certain that in other neighborhoods, there are people in the same situation. I don’t think I was the only one. No, I know that fore sure.

The local politicians:

liberal (VVD) Halbe ZijlstraHalbe Zijlsta, local Liberal party (VVD) leader:
“This is totally unacceptable. A few years a go it was in the Schaakwijk neighborhood and now in Nijenrodeplantsoen. I say: kick some ass. Literally. Who does want not listen has to feel it. That is also in the interest of the local Moroccan community, they see it coming: again Moroccan youngsters. I expect the burgomaster to act tough now. We do not accept it again, if they want to send more social workers. That would be a rearward for them. In the mean while, there should come a mobile police post in front of the house.”

Leefbaar Utrecht, Vincent OldenborgVincent Oldenborg, local party ‘leefbaar Utrecht’ leader:
“I walk each day past that empty house, but I did not know what happened there. But now that I know, I think an educational punch would be in order here. Sure the ministry does not allow it and child abuse is also not allowed but I believe a big educational punch would be help full here. Apprehend them and take them to the police station, that way parents can’t say their children aren’t involved. I think, this should be solved via the parents.”

Socialist (PvdA), Rinda den BestenRinda den Besten, local Socialist (PvdA) leader:
“This story about nuisance in [neighborhood] Zuilen is not new. In the past the municipality has hand out money to do nice thinks, but that apparently does not help. The situation at the Nijenrodeplantsoen has become preposterous. We have to force change. If this continues, you can expect more families to leave. If the neighborhood wants a Moroccan family in the house and that would solve the problem, then Mitros should make that possible. It doesn’t sound well, but the problem is, that the Moroccan youth has no places to go to. That is a complex problem, for which are no easy solutions. "

Communist (SP) Kars BoersKars Boers, town councilor for the Communists (SP):
“That house is a target for those boys, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. It is ridiculous that the police say that we all should take care of this city to getter. The police just has to react directly when people call them, and after an hour. The police can’t fool the people. The people see, that they don’t do anything. Should a whole neighborhood bow for these boys? No, the police should show who is the boss.”

Greener (Groenlinks) Robert GiesbertsRobert Giesberts, town councilor for the Greens (Groenlinks):
“I want to acknowledge that there is street terror in that neighborhood, but what I miss totally in this story is the youth social workers. While youth workers are needed very badly. It is also important to have soon more hangout places. I agree with the police that people should file charges, although the police might use that to blur that they have not done enough.”

National Politics

But also the national politics reacts, Conservative Representative Geert Wilders, is going to ask parliamentary questions about the affair. He want to know if it is true that due to street terror a mother of two children had to flee the city and why the police did not acted more firmly. But also questions if burgomaster Brouwer has done enough to stop the street terror.

Representative Geert Wilders, used to have his domicile in the city of Utrecht, but had to leave due to safety concerns. In the past he has called the neighborhood where he lived the worst place to live in The Netherlands...

This is not the first time stories like these reach the press, they seem to represent some of the problems in the big city neighborhoods.

H/T: Dutch Disease Report

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