Thursday, January 20, 2005

What's wrong with Expatica?

Dutch Surrender in May 15, 1940It is common knowledge that main stream media has a left leaning bias, and a very left leaning bias in Europe. But if you think it can not get worse and from now on it will get better, you could get a very cold shower.

The only free English language news service that covers the Netherlands on a regular basis, Expatica, ran an opinion article that attracted my attention. The title was: "Dutch Muslims find a voice - of reason?". What a strange combination I taught and it made me curious.

To my surprise they where writing right at the beginning of the article: "The Muslim Democratic Party (MDP) could be a real force for good". They also mention the founder, Mohammed Jabri, and called him a columnist. But they fail to mention that he is columnist for A Dutch fundamentalistic Islamic website. On the site Jabri wrote an anti gay manifesto, a story in which Hirsi Ali died in a car bomb attack, said that he is not against treats to Hirsi Ali, want to end democracy to establish Sharia laws, calls the US a terrorist state, compared the US government with Hitler and so on...

How can they think at Expatica that Jabri and his party, will be a force of good and could "spread understanding" and "expose as a lie the convenient myth that Muslims are the root of all that is wrong". Are the people of Expatica just misinformed or have do they have other opinions about what lies are? And what they define as good and wrong?

But when I read on I see they are not totally misinformed. They recognize that there is Muslim violence to the native Dutch population. But their solution is mind boggling to me: give the Muslims government power and they going to see The Netherlands as their country.

But that is, that is, ... That is surrendering?!?!?!

And what about calling the assassin of Theo van Gogh, a "wannabe martyr", say what?!? They argue that not the Muslim behavior is the problem, it is Dutch society. Muslims are under represented in politics and political parties are to anti Islam. Conservative politicians are off course the worse of all, especially if they refer to the fact that Dutch culture is Judeo-Christian. At Expatica they even takes over Muslim rhetoric, to counter the this argument:

"He forgot to mention that until Indonesia got its independence from the Netherlands in the 1940s, Islam was the biggest religious group in the Kingdom of the Netherlands."

Do they mean at Expatica that Islam should be the leading culture for Dutch society? They must either be nuts at Expatica or ... Muslim. There is no other explanation, don't say I did not warn you!

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