Friday, January 21, 2005

Terror drugs gang

Drugs for JihadOn January 17, Police has arrested 9 Moroccan men and woman who are suspected of being part of a large scale drugs trafficking gang. In the four houses police found: 10 Kg heroine with street value of around 200.000 EUR., a few hundred XTC pills, a few hundreds of gram hashish, a hand gun and a few thousand Euro's cash.

The group is suspected of having ties with terrorist organization. If true, this would be the first time in The Netherlands, that there would be proof of a connection between Drug trafficking and the financing of terror. The anonymous tips the Criminal intelligence services received, where very detailed. In at least one of the tips, there was information about links to the Al Qaida network.

Two government sources say that there is likely a connection to the radical Islamic hofstad group. The hofstad group is Dutch North African group. The murder of Theo van Gogh was one of them.

Leader of the group is an 41 year Imam Hassan L. from Rotterdam. He preaches around the country also in the southern city of Geleen where he is active from 1999.

The identity of the arrested cel members:

* The woman (47) comes from Mulhouse, France.
* A man from Antwerpen, Belgium.
* A man from Denhaag.
* A 47 year old man from Maasticht.
* The identity of the other 5 man is not yet known.

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Sources: Volkskrant


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