Saturday, January 22, 2005

Robber dies (4)

Minister Donner, but for how much longer?And the soap continues... [See also: Part (1), Part(2), Part(3)]

Today the Biggest Dutch newspaper, De Telegraaf, wrote on it's frontpage that Justice Minister Donner (CDA) together with the head of the Justice department, Jonkheer mr. J. de Wijkerslooth de Weerdesteyn (PvdA), did ask the prosecutor to file the highest charges possible against the woman who was robbed. This resulted in the charge: man-slaughter against her.

Today minister Donner was angry and says it is "totally inaccurate and absolute nonsense". He says that the Telegraaf did not describe the procedure according how it is normally done, the law does not allows him to be involved. Both he and de Wijkersloot where just informed about the charges before they were filed. The prosecutor makes his decisions independent, he said.

Donner expects a rectification of the newspaper, but the paper says they stand with their publication. But they will publish the comments of minister Donner in their Sunday edition. Donner threatens to sue them. But this is unlikely, because when he does, the discussion he had with the Justice department will become public knowledge...

This is not the first time minister Donner is accused of being out of touch with reality. After the slaughter of Theo van Gogh, he wanted to intensify the Blasphemy laws, implying that he wanted to protect the Muslims against further harrasment of people like Theo van Gogh. But also his Justice department has a bad name: it is said politics have lost control over it. It has a reputation for ending ministers careers prematurely. The head of the department Wijkersloot is involved in a long list of scandals. Take for example how he treated a marine who was fighting in Iraq. A marine shot a Iraqi looter in self defense, the justice department arrested the officer directly, deported him to The Netherlands and jailed him. Before an proper investigation was done and De Wijkersloot him self went on television to accuse the officer of crimes. His department leaked all kind of incriminating information to the press, even state secrets.

Just what does it take, to remove these out of touch autocrats?

See also: French criticize Donner

Sources: OM, Geenstijl


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