Friday, January 21, 2005

Robber dies (3)

Dutch Reaction: Ali can be as fast as he wants to be, I will get him in my reverse.

Robber, Ali el Bejjati, who died during his criminal act when he robbed a 43 year old woman, keeps being front page news in the Netherlands, we reported earlier on the matter in:

Robber Dies (1)
Robber Dies (2)

Location where Ali el Bejjati diedThe latest developments:

The memorial mars
The family and friends of the Ali el Bejjati, wanted to hold a big memorial mars that would start in the center of Amsterdam. In recent years it has become a custom in The Netherlands to hold silent marshes, after innocent people die as a result of what is called 'zinloos geweld' (= senseless violence).

Friends and family called Ali el Bejjati an innocent victim of senseless violence, they say he is murdered. Burgomaster, Cohen, initially said he allows the mars. In the past Cohen often did not gave permits, certainly not on short notice, to groups who he considers inappropriate: like racist, anti immigration or just right wing. But after protests Cohen later said he said that he thinks it is a "bad signal", after he talked to the family they canceled it he said. But that is only half true. The mars now will not start in the center of Amsterdam, but will start on 14.00 at the location where Ali el Bejjati died and from there it will go to the Al Kabir Mosque. At 15.00 there will start a memorial service for Ali el Bejjati.

At the same time the family organized the mars, 14.00, the court will rule in the case of the armed robbery, in which Ali el Bejjati had to stand trial just hours before he robbed the 43 year old woman.

victim released
The prosecutor office wanted to hold the woman who was robbed into custody. But a judge did not allow it, and ruled that it was reasonable to believe that the woman did not had the intention to kill the robbers on the scooter. Against the wishes of the prosecutor she is now released. She is now in hiding (many death threats where made).

The Minister
Integration minister Verdonk also talked about the matter and warned that the woman who is now released, is not suspected of murder. The woman did not drive somebody death because she met someone who she did not like. "If the boy did not stole the bag, he would still be driving on his scooter as usual. And the woman would just be at her home". Being afraid of being accused to interfere with the legal procedure she added: "But I do not plea any body free".

Representative Wilders
Independent parliamentary conservative Wilders finds it "hideous" that the prosecutor suspect the woman of man-slaughter on the Moroccan robber: "This is the world upside down. They create a victim of the criminal and the other way around". He can not understand it and finds it inappropriate to prosecute the woman. He wants that all Moroccan thugs, who are involved in repeated street terror, are send out of the country.

The Dutch people
Polster Maurice the hond asked people what they think about the matter (full pole results here):

Was it an tragic accident?

  • 67% : It was a tragic acident
  • 12% : No it was not (34% PvdA and 32% Groenlinks voters)
  • 21% : I don't know

The woman is accused of man-slaughter, do you agree?

  • 17% : Yes (27% PvdA, 41% Groenlinks voters)
  • 72% : No
  • 11% : I do not know

Should the woman say in custody?

  • 4% : Yes
  • 92%: Release her until the court case
  • 4% : I do not know

Do you think she did it on purpose?

  • 10% : Yes
  • 71% : No
  • 19% : I do not know

If she did it on purpose, how much punishment should she get?

  • 20% : None
  • 31% : Community work
  • 4% : imprisonment for 3 moths
  • 3% : imprisonment for 6 moths
  • 5% : imprisonment for 1 year
  • 8% : imprisonment for 3 year
  • 14% : imprisonment for 5 year or more
  • 16% : I don't know

Did the robber who died took the risk of being killed during his crime?

  • 74% : Yes
  • 21% : No
  • 5% : I don't know

Who is the victem in this case?

  • 56% : The woman
  • 3% : The killed robber (6% of PvdA and 16% Groenlinks voters)
  • 39% : Both
  • 2% : None of both
  • 1% : I don't know

Pvda = Socialist party. Groenlinks = Green party.

Sources:, Pole, Telegraaf(1), Telegraaf(2)


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