Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Robber dies (2)

Car broken and in Jail for persuit of street robbersThis is a real soap story that is all over the news, 2 days ago I also reported on this (see: here), but the world really goes upside down, is Holland insane?:

A woman (43) had to stop, then robbers opened her car door and stole her bag. The two thugs drove away on their scooter. The woman then, set her car in reverse and pursuit the criminals by driving backward, but after 50 meter, crashed into the scooter. One of the robbers, Ali el Bejjati (19), got stuck between her car and a tree and died. The woman was apprehended.

Today the prosecutors office says they are going to charge the woman with man-slaughter (max. 15 years imprisonment) because she took an unjustifiable risk by pursuing the street robbers. The prosecutor further said he want to hold the woman in custody at least the next two weeks, it was not needed for the investigation or because she could flee, the only reason he says he has is "because this case shook the society". After was known that the woman would be prosecuted the other robber, who initially fled, turned him self in.

The woman, a mother of two children is very upset. Her lawyer says that she did follow the robbers to get her stuff back: "She is very upset. She finds it terrible what happened to the boy and his family. She wants to explain to the family what happened".

The woman would not even have noticed that she hit the scooter. "When she hit the tree, she stepped out and pursuit one of the street robbers. But she could not keep up and returned to her car. Only after she picked up her stuff from her bag, she saw the boy next to the tree. It was absolutely not her intention to harm the street robbers by driving into them".

The lawyer says, that is not clear if her car has hit the scooter. It could be that the scooter was launched while speeding over the sleeping policeman. A witness says that after the accident she was in panic and shouted: "This is not what I wanted". Confused she asked him why she robbed him. "There was not even money in the bag!" The woman was in shock and picked her make-up out of her bag while she said loud: "Look, all broken".

The bystanders

There are many other people who have seen it, but they are afraid to tell reporters. But when the sister of Ali el Bejjati comes to lay flowers on the place where her brother died emotion grow high. An older man: "First we had that history of the murder on Theo van Gogh here around the corner. And now this. My sister does not want to live here any more. We Moroccan's are no longer welcome. I am fed up with it". He knows it for sure: Ali B. is murdered because of a hand bag. All young Moroccan's agree: "it was murder, because he was a Moroccan".

An older Moroccan man is angry: "Everybody should leave us alone: press, the Dutch who ask questions. They are on top of this, because the robber was a Moroccan. But we Moroccan's don't like this either. Now again we are critiqued."

Thiefs and thugs unitedBackground of robber

But also new facts around robber Ali el Bejjati came out. It turns out that he was just a few hours before he was in court for a violent armed robbery he had done on 11 May 2004. During the court session the prosecutor asked for 2 years imprisonment. He was arrested for this crime on 26 May but was released on 16 September because his brother provided him with an alibi.

But there is more, in November 2000 he was also arrested for street robbery, in the same are as he robbed the woman. He was sentenced for 42 days in prison and 30 hours of communal work.

The Islamic commemoration

But his friends say he is innocent. On the location he died, they held with their Imam and 100 others a ceremonial to remember Ali el Bejjati and prayed for him. The blessed the fact that the woman wood be prosecuted for man slaughter. The put papers on the trees with the text: "Ali, you where one of the few with a heart of gold. Had always big plans for your future. A hard working boy with 2 jobs. Your end was unjust, but now your with Allah. Your are a soldier en we will not forget you, because deep in our hearts you will always live". An other paper said among other things: "You are an example for us".

His friends Mo. (19) and Yassin (19) saw their friend die in front of their eyes. Mo. said: "The woman should not try to take the law in her own hands. Theft is not the same as murder". But they say that they can not believe he was a criminal: "He did work hard for his money".

An other friend, the 22 year old Samir also feels sorry for the death of his friend: "A human can better die by doing a good deed. Dying due to a bad act is not so good in the Islam. I hope something like this does not happen again".

Mister Wakoi, representative of the Islamic Social Cultural Center also said it was horrible: "You are never allowed to take the law in your own hands. He should had learned from his mistakes. Ali was a nice guy, but was influenced by others. We should continue in peace."

Well known Dutch Moroccan rapper Ali B., who is the darling of MTV and other political correct media that gave him all sorts of prices and invitations, was also at the commemoration. He knew the robber, he used to live in the same neighborhood. Local TV station AT5 says Ali B. wanted to include the event in one of his new songs. But on his website he later denied that he is going to record a special song about it [he is know to have a professional commercial team around him].

Thursday 20 January, there will be a memorial service in the Al Kabir mosque.

Interview with his sister

Ali was still living at home but his family did not know he did these things. Is sister even gave an TV interview. Sitting in her sleeping room, looking we see a clock and vaseline on her night table but she does not want to be recognizable on the TV, listen was she has to say:

Sister: "The main point is that she could had let the police handle it. She did not had to drive the boy death, there was no need. My little brother was a spontaneous sweet boy, who if he sees somebody always greets him even if he has seen that person only once, always smiling, followed an education, had 2 jobs.

Reporter: "They say your brother or his friend pulled the bag out of the car. Did you ever here that your brother did something like that?"

Sister: "I can not believe that my brother has done something like that. I can not believe it. No."

Reporter: "He was not a type to it?"

Sister: "If you would look at him, he would not be the type for it. Thus for me it is a surprise that they accuse him of this."

Reporter: "There was also an other boy with him, a friend of your brother, do you know where he is?"

Sister: "That is what she says. I don't know. I do not know if there was an other boy there".

Reporter: "But they where together on the scooter. Because this scooter was" [interrupted]

Sister: "The question is, who says so. She is saying that. Well if that would be the case: I don't know the boy, I don't know where that boy is, I would not know. But that is something she says."

Thi s morning the morning TV news, reported the matter again. They filmed his friends and neighbors who where angry about the death of this innocent boy. We saw around 100/200 man pray in Arabic on the location he died. Then a friend was interviewed, he told us what a nice and good guy he was and that his murder was unjust. The news did not mention his criminal record and did not mention the victim who is now in jail..

This week, the body of Ali el Bejjati will be flown to Morocco (most Dutch-Moroccan's don't want to be buried in The Netherlands).

In Holland your are practically not allowed to go after robbers or burglars, if you do you have a high risk of being prosecuted for use of excessive risks or violence. Many people have been prosecuted in high profile cases for harassing shop lifters and robbers. It has even happened that criminals have sued their victims, with success. This case is an other step of the Dutch government in the total erosion of a law based society that protects the freedom of the people...

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