Monday, January 10, 2005

Random violence?

Recently there are reports of some unusual violence increase:

* This weekend there where 4 apparently random stabbings in Harlem. All victims where walking alone and knifed in the back. Read more here.

* Last night a woman was killed because a pavement flag was thrown on her windshield when she drove past a fly-over. Nearby at an other fly-over a bag of debris was thrown and hit a truck, the driver was not hurt. (Source:

* Last January a train crashed with a trafic sign, pole and bicle. In Nijmegen unkown people hang a pole with pivot wire on a fly-over. The driver got a eye injury. In February a train driver got hurt when an object was thrown to the cabin. Last october a train driver was hurt when unknown people attached a bench-vice to the high voltage overhead line. The Dutch rail company says that incidents like these are much more happening since this year (Source Elsevier)

Note: Dutch media never reports the background of these attackers.


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