Friday, January 21, 2005

Rachid Ben Ali in Hiding

Rachid Ben AliWe reported earlier about the art work of Moroccan Rachid Ben Ali (Read: here).

Rachid can not safely walk the streets of Amsterdam any more, without body guards. Last Sunday he left his house and went to stay in a hotel. That night he was pursued by Moroccan youth, but he managed to escape. From that moment on, he received protection. On the internet he received in past threats addressed to him from extreme right groups and Moroccan websites.

But the recent threats are most likely linked to his latest exposition: gay imams making love, imams who shit from their mouth, Mohammed nailed to a cross and on one of the paintings can be read: "You can threaten me, but I still make this".

You can view pictures of this work: here.

He says he his supported by Moroccan-Dutch alder man Aboutaleb (PvdA) and green parliamentary member Femke Halsema (Groenlinks). "I can always call them. That's nice, they have experience with receiving death threats too".

Source: Nieuw Amsterdams Peil


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