Monday, January 17, 2005

Rachid Ben Ali in Cobra Museum

Art from Rachid Ben AliThe highly successful Moroccan-Dutch artist Rachid Ben Ali exhibits his recent paintings in the Cobra museum in the city of Amstelveen. Moroccan-Dutch alder man, Ahmed Aboutaleb, of the city of Amsterdam opened the gallery last Friday. His work is characterized as hard, confronting, emotional and homoerotic. The Moroccan Rachid came to The Netherlands in 1988. His work gained fast in popularity in part because of the discussion around young Moroccan's. In 2003 he won the KDR art price for artist younger then 35 years old. Even Queen Beatrix, multiculturalist and art lover, selected his work for display. His work is hot and is bought for important collections. Two years a go Rachid was attacked by young Moroccan-Dutch because he was on the cover of Dutch largest Gay magazine "Gay-krant".

According to AT5, a local TV station from Amsterdam, he made the paintings for this exposition, right after the slaughter of Theo van Gogh. In the exposition Rachid wanted to show "how he thinks about Islam", he sees Moslems as hypercritical and narrow minded. His exposition includes painting in which fucking Imams shit in the brains of people. Also seen are naked men and woman with Koran texts on their bodies in a stream of blood and violence.

The work of Rachid Ben Ali can been seen until 6 March in the Cobra museum in Amstelveen (near Amsterdam).

Sources: AT5, Gay Krant, Cobra museum,,


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