Friday, January 28, 2005

Race Riots (2)

Riots in UtrechtLast week their where also riots in shopping center Hoog Catharijne (see earlier report: here). Again the riots where on the Thursday evening weekly shopping evening. Police used bats and dogs against the groups of young Moroccan's. The shoppers had to flee the mall and shop owners closed their shops. Their where five arrests.

The police says they do not know what to do: "maybe we should start a dialog with the youth". The local government has asked to organization of Moroccan Mosques to pay attention to the problem.

These incidents do not receive much attention in Dutch main stream media. Hoog catharijne is one of the largest malls of the Netherlands.

Source: Utechts Nieuws Blad


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A dialog???? Are you being policed by the British? Or perhaps by the Seattle (Washington, USA) Police Department that has been known to let people die in riots because, well, if the cops had stopped it, the cops might have gotten hurt.

Interesting blog - I'm glad Little Green Footballs linked it and will now read regularly.

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not glad. LGF is against everyone that is not Republican.

Maybe if people posting comments at LGF did not bash Europe every second, more actual Dutch people would post there.

4:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quite a few "Real Dutch People" do post at LGF. They're the ones that are fed up with tolerance of any/everything but native Dutch culture, murder of politicians and film-makers, and hordes of parasites coming into Holland to live on social benefits at the "Real Dutch" people's expense.

5:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As you know rarely if ever does a European post there because always they are bashing Europe and everyone else not republican. You can say you want to nuke Europe and never get banned or attacked by the posters, but try to critizice Bush or defend Europe on LGF and you will see what happens.

11:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry I never backed up my comments:

Here is an LGF thread where everyone is not actually bashing Europe viciously: Holland: The End of the Multicultural DreamZutman a Dutchmen observes: "What strikes me is that a simple foreign documentary provokes -unprecented- some strains of balanced thought on LGF. Uncanny."

Normally you see conversations on Europe more like on this: Germans Sick of Being Reminded of the HolocaustEarl: "But I am going to let bigel comment for me on this one."

And many people are calling for Bigel on this story. Bigel is someone who never adds anything of value to discussions save for calling to nuke Europe. The thing is Charles has banned people from his blog many times but he will never ban Bigel. Lord save any liberal on that site though, with all the conservatives bashing him if he does not get banned outright.

When this site got linked by LGF on the thread: Morrocan Youth at School you can just read the comments and see.

The thing is when you are using Google and a Blog for info you cannot know how the weltanschauung of a continent like Europe. If you are the same anonymous poster that said this:

"Are you being policed by the British? Or perhaps by the Seattle (Washington, USA) Police Department that has been known to let people die in riots because, well, if the cops had stopped it, the cops might have gotten hurt."

You are not so bad as many of the LGF posters, since they like to think America is some untouchable country where such things could not happen, you actually do not make such false dichomoties. I just do not like LGF, the people there are very immature, intolerant, have superiority issues and think they are experts because of Google.

4:24 AM  
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