Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Organ shortage

Dutch CommunismIn Holland people can let themselves be registered as organ donors at a government institution. This gives the government the right to remove their organs directly after they die, without permission of the family. In the past, the government has campaigned to promote this and has send every Dutch citizen a registration form, but most people did not wanted to be registered.

Because there still is a shortage of donors, Dutch politicians want to change the rules and make every body a donor. Only people who let themselves be registered as not being a donor will be exempted.

The organizations that promote people to be donor say that a majority of the Dutch people is in favor of a mandatory registration. Although the government is against it, a parliamentary majority does exists: Socialist (PvdA, SP, Groenlinks, D66) are in favor, the Liberals (VVD) are most likely in favor.

Resistance is futile! We are the Borg! Or to use the words of former prime minister Kok (PvdA): "we are all a bit of each other".

Sources: Nieuws.nl


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