Thursday, January 27, 2005

Official Islamic feasts

Under minister Van Gennip of ecconomic affairsUnder minister Van Gennip of economic affairs says that non Christians should get the day off on their own religious days, like for example the sugar feast. She wants to change the collective employment agreements that the Unions have with the different business branches. She wants that Muslims get the same arrangements that are now made for Christmas and Easter.

She says that this will enhance integration. "That means understanding, respect for each other and that means that anyone can honor his or her believe".

Most people in the Netherlands, don't view Christmas and Eastern as religious holidays. Most people see it as tradition and a nice day off. One starts to wonder, what integration means for these government officials. It seems that they mean, that Dutch society should change to the immigrants norms instead of the other way around. I guess that is why use the word "integration" as a magic spell, instead of saying things like: "integration into Dutch society".