Monday, January 10, 2005

Netherlands exporter of Math books

Freudenthal instituteAccording to the biggest Dutch newspaper, De Telegraaf, The Netherlands is an important exporter of Math books. A new Dutch Math learning method is unexpectedly sudden a world wide success.

"In The Netherlands the children learn Math not by just repeating calculations, but by learning what is behind the calculation" according to directory Jan de Lange of the Freudenthal institute that created the new method. Their new method is used by several hundredth thousands of students in the USA and is also more and more used in other countries like Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, African an South-American countries. In April the institute will introduce the method in an International Math teachers conference in Disney Land.

The new Math method developed in The Netherlands will not be used in The Netherlands it self. De Lange: "We could also create a new Math book for the Dutch government [Dutch schools are all state controlled] but the government is not interested. They says to us, that we should take example to the American teaching method's. They do not seem to know that the highest scoring teaching district in the USA is already using our method for 7 years".

Source: Telegraaf,


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