Sunday, January 23, 2005

French criticize Donner

The French ambassador, Anne Gazeau-Secret, has sharp criticism on what justice minister Donner has said in the interview. To say: "Fundamentalism is a part of every human" is contrary to common sense. Fundamentalist is an aberration that leads to intolerance and violence. According to the ambassador, who leaves next week, a democracy should defend it self against any form of fundamentalism because it is a threat to right of the individual citizens.

Donner said in the interview that Democracy is an instrument to let "Fundamentalist live together with each other" and that by diverse fundamentalist views "new ideas are created in society". But on the other hand, Gazeau-Secret, prizes minister of integration and immigration, Verdonk, who "determinedly and brave strives for" the integration of minorities.

The Netherlands should be made much more resistant against the dangers of Islamic radicalism, she says. "It is worrisome that the AIVD (Dutch intelligence agency), concludes in its latest report that the resistance of Dutch society against radical Islam is low", she writes.

The Dutch government works on proposals to make it possible to evict convicted radical Imams. France has a much longer history of acting against radical preachers: In 2004 there where 14 evictions, for example because they advised to beat "disobedient woman". Holland never ever evicted a radical imam.

See also: Robber dies (4) (other criticism on Donner)

There is something seriously wrong if even the French critique you for being too soft in the war on terror.

Source: Trouw


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