Monday, January 31, 2005

The Muslim DHC rappers

Other muslim rappersDutch Court Sentenced Muslim rappers DHC over threat lyrics (DHC = Den Haag Connection). The rapper where singing they are going to kill representative Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Their lawyer said that they were just exercising their freedom of expression. They even got support from other Dutch people and even a comedian made a song to support them...

They where sentenced to 150 hours of community service...

Read full story with translated lyrics: here (

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Viewing Submission Canceled

SubmissionCiting security concerns, organizers of the Rotterdam Film Festival called off Sunday's screening of the short film Submission made by late Theo van Gogh and Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Read full story: here (Yahoo/AP)

Police on Kazzaa

Police logoDutch Blog GeenStijl got access to confidential files of the military police. It turned out that one of the police officers, involved in a major human trafficking investigation, wanted to download his favorite music tracks and shared his drive with Kazzaa. His shared research files are now in the hands of Dutch blog They in turn handed them over to the biggest Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. Now all media are reporting it.

After the news went public, the Dutch Justice immediately threatened to sue GeenStijl if they would do any citations out of the 'confidential' files. Because GeenStijl does not want to go to jail, they only told us that the report is 75 pages long and describes an international human trafficking gang in detail. Describes hundreds of recorded phone conversations. Lots of people are being shadowed and SMS traffic is monitored. Also the report contains lists of phone numbers and addresses of suspects and policeman. Even informants are described in the report.

It's not the first incident of this kind, last year the prosecutor Tonino, put his computer on the sidewalk, waiting to be collected by the waste collection. But a taxi driver took it home and gave it to a known crime TV show. The hard disk was full of confidential material. That same week an other blogger hacked the mailbox of Toninio, the blogger was immediately arrested. Over these incidents justice Minister Donner had to answer questions in parliament. Where Donner said, he had send new guidelines to the police. The guidelines described new procedures for computer security. It also explicitly forbid taking confidential material home.

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Source: GeenStijl

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Radical Islam in the Netherlands

Jihad!The Jamestown Foundation - Terrorism Monitor of January 13, 2005 has a story on:

Radical Islam in the Netherlands
by Edwin Bakker (Dutch name)

The story describes the "van Dawa tot Jihad" report that the Dutch intelligence service AIVD released last December.


Friday, January 28, 2005

Where lives Hirsi Ali?

Ayaan Hirsi AliIt should be top secret where Ayaan Hirsi Ali stays. But newspaper Metro writes that it was all over the police scanner in Denhaag. The police says it was a mistake. The KLPD, who organizes the security of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, is investigating the matter. But parliamentary member Joost Eerdmans (Lijst Pim Fortuyn) says: "it is a big mistake that regular police officers know the address of her. The head of the police should be informed, but they should not share that information with others, unless it is absolutely necessary". Both Geert Wilders and Ayaan Hirsi Ali declined to commend.

Holly cow, on what planet am I? Dork planet?

Source: Metro, d's days (Jan D.)

Donner Lies Again

How long till minister Donner will leave?Justice Minister Donner wrote in a letter to parliament that after the murder on Theo van Gogh, police protection was given to the editorial office of newspaper Metro. Theo van Gogh wrote for the newspaper. But now head editor, Jan Dijkgraaf, of Metro says it is a lie.

Newspaper Metro had long before the murder on Theo van Gogh declared to the police there were dead threats. The police did nothing. Only after the paper published the dead threats in it's paper, the police reacted. They would drive three times an hour past the Metro office.

Metro has arranged security her self. The police never contacted them. The Metro newspaper came also with other disturbing news, see: Where lives Hirsi Ali?

Sources: Blog d's day (Jan Dijkgraaf), fok

Forbidden bumper sticker

I put my food on the gas for my bagPolice has finned a handicapped woman for having a sticker on her wheel chair. She received a fine of 45 EURO for incitement.

The text on the sticker: "I put my foot on the gas for my bag". Web log designed the sticker after the robber incident.

See also:
Robber dies
American example (external link, thanks to blog)

It seems that they are only capable and willing to go after handicapped people and victims of crimes. I hope the woman takes the case to court. But again, mainstream media does not cover this... You start to wonder if the role of media in this country, is providing information or controlling it?

Sources: fok, GeenStijl

Race Riots (2)

Riots in UtrechtLast week their where also riots in shopping center Hoog Catharijne (see earlier report: here). Again the riots where on the Thursday evening weekly shopping evening. Police used bats and dogs against the groups of young Moroccan's. The shoppers had to flee the mall and shop owners closed their shops. Their where five arrests.

The police says they do not know what to do: "maybe we should start a dialog with the youth". The local government has asked to organization of Moroccan Mosques to pay attention to the problem.

These incidents do not receive much attention in Dutch main stream media. Hoog catharijne is one of the largest malls of the Netherlands.

Source: Utechts Nieuws Blad

Chatting with terrorists

Dutch/American: Jason Walters
The 19-year old Jason Walters (American Jihad) a member of the Hofstad terror group was already preparing terror attacks in September 2003. At that time he had already made a hit list: prime minister Balkenende (CDA), Navo secretary general Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, ex-liberal leader minister Zalm (VVD), ex-LPF leader Mat Herben (LPF), the direction of the NMO (A Dutch subsidized Muslim broadcasting society), Ayaan Hirsi Ali and other prominent people..

More than a year before the murder on Theo van Gogh, the police raided on 17 October 2003 the house of Jason Walters and confiscated his computer with many chat logs. Jason Walters was arrested on suspicion of terrorist activities, but they could not make the case stick and had to release him.

They have an enormous amount of chats in his justice file. They all look like this chat Jason had on 22.10 September 28, 2003 (Jason is Mujaheed, chat is translate from Dutch):

webamier: "Are you going to run out on your brother?"
Mujaheed: "Hey listen, I will NEVER run out on my brothers for a woman. As I told you I have such high standards for a woman, I will not find them here. I will only marry a woman who wants to come with me, their is no other way."
webamier: "If that's the case, you can better marry their"
mujaheed: "We can't marry there, we are going there to become martyrs and to marry in paradise with 70 nice virgins"
webanier: "There are 72 not 70"

webamier: "It's hard to be steadfast on the way to Allah to die. You know, the pain, and things like that and if I get a punch I already think, please stop, and things like that, but that is nothing compared to Jihad"
mujaheed: "Don't talk so stupid, you did not even had 1 day training. NOW you are soft like a mandarin, but later... So hard wie Kruppstahl"

webamier: "Yet I noticed with you"
mujaheed: "Like what?"
webamier: "You where tough, tougher then last time"
mujaheed: "I only trained for a month"
webamier: "You where just that tough"
mujaheed: "I had finished the basic training. I lost a lot of wait, don't you think? About 25 kg."

Planet Internet news and Nova TV now have access to these chat log file's. The logs make clear how dangerously Jason Walters is. On 10 November, more than a week after the slaughter of van Gogh, police tried to arrest Jason Walters together with Ismail A. in the Antheunisstraat in Den Haag (Laakkwartier). But the initial raid failed and they where arrested at the end of a day long raid that shook the Netherlands. In the initial raid Jason threw hand grenades to the police, the police was unprepared and got hurt. After that, all anti terror units of The Netherlands where send to the Antheunisstraat in Denhaag. It sure looked like as if the police panicked.

Besides that the police could have known of his violent Jihad background, they had over heard a phone conversation Jason Walters made right after the murder of Theo van Gogh in which he said: "We have conform the authentic Islamic way, slaughtered the lam." (See: Murder Trial Theo van Gogh for more).

On September 19, 2003 at 16.08 says "mujaheed" (alias Jason Walters) to "galas03" that he first must install the encryption software. Only after that "we can talk about J. ". "J" is their code for "Jihad". In the chat "galas03" says he is from Egyptian decent. On 16.26 they start their encrypted chat:

Galas03: "Ok say, what's up? Are you going to Afghanistan?"
"agie, I am just back"
Galas03: "Or do you want to decapitate Balkenende?"
Mujaheed: "Where do you think I was all that time?"
Galas03: "Italy?"
Mujaheed: "Hahahah"
Galas03: "Your joking?"
Mujaheed: "Uhm, I can't say I was to Pakistan to be receive training or can I?"
Galas03: "Get serious! Really?"
Mujaheed: "On Allah, what do you think? I got my basic training their, an I will go back Inshallah, but now I am send back by the people there, Visa problems, but in the time in between I will recruit as many boys I can to send them their inshaAllah"
Galas03: "I am speech less"
Mujaheed: "Do you also want to go?"
Galas03: "I am first going to study in Saudi Arabia, for a walk around the block"
Mujaheed: "Walk? Your crazy eula"
Galas03: "What's the matter? I don't think my parents let me go :s I will go under the cover of study"
Mujaheed: "aha :D but you go for sure agie if needed I take you by ears with me"
Galas03: "but did your parents knew it?"
Mujaheed: "no I was to England, just like I told you Italy"
Galas03: "oh, but I want to go to England, there is abou hamza and people from alqaida"
Mujaheed: "I know, but you don't have any freedom, come with me to pakistan there they will train you, how to use guns, how to make weapons, just everything after that you can return"
Galas03: "can you now handle guns?"
"and go to england to slaughter blair?"
Mujaheed: "yes agie"
"Did you behead a few americans?"
Mujaheed: "seminov, kalshnikov, MMG, zakayev, TT pistol, Makarov, hand grenades en rpg those I all learned."
Galas03: "Wooow"
Mujaheed: "I can assemble and disassemble a kalasnikov blind folded, also a seminov and all the other pistols and rifles"
Galas03: "Is shooting difficult?"
Mujaheed: "No way man, it is not that hard. I even had to roll over with a pistol and then shoot and that went all right, praise allah" Galas03: "How did you go, with Pakistan airlines or something?"
Mujaheed: "yep" (16.40)

Imam Abdul-Jabbar van de VenIn the next part of the chat session, Jason Walters wants permission from Imam Abdul-Jabbar van de Ven. Abdul-Jabbar is a Dutch convert (from real Dutch parents) who is a traveling imam. In a TV shows, right after the murder on Theo van Gogh, he said that he hoped that Geert Wilders would die soon. But he added, that should not be seen as a threat (he got away with it). Again Jason Walters as "Mujaheed":

Galas03: "hey agie can you do something for me, just say it"
Mujaheed: "you have to go to jabbar"
"I will see him today InshaAllah at the lesson"
Mujaheed: "Go and ask him if it is here allowed to slaughter the unbelievers and/or to steal their possessions"
Galas03: "He has said about it, see it this way: the government, ministries, police etc., their blood and possessions is halal [we can take], because they openly declared war to the islam, but before you do something you have to think twice about what will happen with the islamic community."
Mujaheed: "OK djazaak Allah. This is the fatwa needed. Now I can slaughter every police, minister, soldier, officer etc. And robe them"
Galas03: "But it is halal and even more clear ke gets rewarded" (unclear Dutch)
Mujaheed: "Robe all banks. Subhaan Allah, halal robbing a bank."
"I don't know, aghie"
Mujaheed: "Halal robe the town hall, Allahu Akbar, I have some people of my dead list, they will certainly die :D"
Galas03: "who?"
Mujaheed: "i will first get hassenats for it Aallahu Akbar"
Galas03: ";)"
Mujaheed: "you will soon hear it on the news sahbie"
Galas03: "you terrorist?"
Mujaheed: "what to think of hirsi ali, jaap de hoop scheffer, matt herben, balkenende, zalm and all those fake muslims in the political parties, the directorate of the Dutch Moslim broadcaster"
Galas03: "haha"
Mujaheed: "slaughter them all"
Galas03: "it is an idea an then make a movie. say Bhhhooe and everybody is scared"
Mujaheed: "beheading from the MP on video, that's relaxed :d"

After this chat, "Galas03" has had his meeting with Imam Abdul-Jabbar van de Ven. That same evening on September 19, 2003 they chat again in the chat box at 22.39:

Galas03: "assalamoe aleikoem"
Mujaheed: "wa aleikum salaam we br. agie how was the lesson?"
Galas03: "J" (short for Jihad)
Mujaheed: "Relaxed is it not to talk safely J"
Galas03: "Yessssssssss, jihaad, but ok. I asked about bank. bank is not allowed"
Mujaheed: "As long as my characters are green it is safe, red means unsafe"
Galas03: "because it is not from the ministry"
Mujaheed: "Blue is also safe"
Galas03: "So, I am unsafe?"
Mujaheed: "Thus, only government institutions. Just say green is safe blue=safe"
Mujaheed: "Red = unsafe"


Mujaheed: "But tell me, what is all allowed?"
Galas03: "ministries, police, government"
Mujaheed: "military?"
Galas03: "Yep" (Yes)
Mujaheed: "fire-brigade?"
Galas03: "ME" (Riot police)
Mujaheed: "municipality office? aha"
Galos03: "fire-brigade allahoe a3lam"
Mujaheed: "all government institutions"
Galos03: "municipality office I don't know either allHOE A3LAM"
Mujaheed: "municipality office is government on a municipal scale local scale D we are going to loot the financial ministry and your also allowed to fraud and all with taxes"
Galos03: "Yep" (Yes)
Mujaheed: "haha :D right on!"
Galos03: "he told me today something that it is best that you whish hidaya for your enemies. he says he wishes for sharon and bush to become muslim"
Mujaheed: "Yeah, that's right and otherwise just slaughter them L-p"
Galos03: ";)"
Mujaheed: "and hamas?"
Galos03: "he says: 11 - September is ok sheik bin laden is ok Taliban ok and hamas masha Allah they have the honor to fight against the pigs and the apes"
Mujaheed: "d I (L) AjvdV" (???)
Galos03: "J" (Jihad)
"but does he say to people that when you live here you have to live according to the rules?"
Galos03: "If it is not against islam, yes"
Mujaheed: "some say that if you live here you have to live totally according to the constitution. what does he say"
Galos03: "No only when it is against Islam"
Mujaheed: "I see and what does he say that you should make dahwah and not jihad?"
Galos03: "Thus as the government says to the people no more salaah, that goes to far... Allahoe A3lam is what he says about those people"
Mujaheed: "and as the government says no more jihaad? Is that to much?"
"I did not ask, I will ask him tomorrow"

But this is not enough for Jason Walters He wants to hear the imam Abdul-Jabbar van de Ven him self. He visits him on 21 September 2003 in a mosque in the city of Almere. A day later, September 22 15:29, Jason Walters again as "Mujaheed" has the following conversation in the secure chat box, now with an un identified "Khb":

Mujaheed: "Salaam aleikum, agie do you know the name of the young sheich"
"(O you disbe: wa 3alaykoem asalaam"
"Who recite the quran"
Khb: "what young sheigh mohammed barak"
"at djazaak Allah"
Khb: "How was your conversation with abdel Jabbar van de Ven"
Mujaheed: "Elhamdulillah [Praise to Allah], very good. He says that the blood and possessions of the government is halal [ours]. We may rob the government, state, army, military police, police and all other government institutions."
Khb: "Are you sure?"
Mujaheed: "Yep 100%, and one other thing"
"And what authority did he refer to?"
"There was a man with the name Ibrahim bayrak who spoke as well and the one you say" (unclear dutch)
Mujaheed: "a ruler who does not use sharia but recognizes the sharia stays a muslim, the same with people who do not pray. But Abd. does not agree and I don't either. He says their are now a days many murjia even with the great authorities. Mirjia is the opposite of takfir"
"And what does he say about Bin Baaz rahimoeAllah"
Mujaheed: "I did not ask, I did not had that much time"
Khb: "He normally uses his fatwa's as well"
Mujaheed: "He said that authorities who accepted bribes should not be listen too and they are outside the faith"
khb: "Allahoe 'Ehlem. " (15.35)

But Abdul-Jabbar van de Ven says he did only met Jason three times. And that he did not really know him. He declared in a letter to Nova TV that he would not say the things they accuse him of to a stranger. Because he would then, unnecessary harm his family, students and the mosque where he teaches. He would also not say it to his friends, a Moslem is not allowed to create chaos. I am not in a position to give fatwa's on current affairs and I never said I was. He says he received e-mail from the Hofstad group, but that he is a know figure and he does not know them. He knew they existed but that was all.

He also says he remembers a person who could be "Gallas03", a fourteen year old boy who asked radical questions, for that he had send him away.

Yeah right.

See also:
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Picture during Jason's arrest (ough!) (external link)

Abdul-Jabbar van de Ven publishes on: Imaan, al-islaam
Galas03: Al-Jihaad reaction Marokko comunity forum, Jihad message Islaam-online forum, About unbelieve Islaam-online forum, profile at Islaam-online forum
Sources: Planet Internet, Nova TV, Chat sessions transcript

Movie on Dutch Situation

Tickets for FreeLittle Green Footballs and Peak Talk referred me to this must-see documentary: "The End of the Multicultural Dream". Is is made after the murder of Theo van Gogh by the Danish public broadcasting. It includes interviews with immigrants, "right wing" leaders, mainstream politicians, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Geert Wilders and "common" folks in Holland. Download location it here:

The End of the Multicultural Dream
(English Sub titles available for download)

For people who have not yet seen the movie Submission I, for which Theo van Gogh was murdered you can download here the Xvid decode movie. If you use Bittorrent P2P file sharing you can use the following links to this Xvid decoded file: Bittorrent link (1), Bittorrent link (2), Bittorrent link (3)

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Caricature Holland

The Dutch government is worried about the image Holland has on the world stage.

This week there was a world meeting of all Dutch ambassadors and at that meeting foreign affairs minister Bot said that he sees it as his mission to adjust the caricature image Holland has. He pointed to the negative caricature Fox News had made of Holland as a drug using, prostitute, coke sniffing child killing country. The ambassadors need to adjust the image that "the Netherlands has no norms and values" he said.

Later in the week, prime minister Balkenende, said to the Dutch ambassadors: "Holland as a down-to-earth, open and tolerant guide country that has his affairs in order, has an bruised image". All caused by the murder of opposition leader Pim Fortuyn, the murder of Theo van Gogh, the threats against politicians and opinion leaders. But he said: "The Netherlands is not in crisis" and the ambassadors should make that their message.

He also wanted to make clear, that "terrorism is not linked to certain religions or cultures". "There is no rift between Muslims and non-Muslims". Part of the program of the Dutch ambassadors is a visit to a Dutch mosque.

Instead of talking about image, he better works harder on execution. Good execution will brings results and that will give the Netherlands a good image.

Sources: Foreign Affairs Ministry, Speech minister Bot, Speech prime minister Balkenende

Moroccan youth at school

Student(L) and Teacher(R)At the schools in Holland there are many problems with Moroccan youth. Most do not finish their school education and there are many stories about violence against teachers. The teachers do not receive any support from their management or the police. Thing is, Dutch schools, are not allowed to remove aggressive students. They can only try to get him on an other school, but other schools are also not waiting for aggressive students. Last year, a student, even shot a teacher through his head, fellow students went on the streets to demonstrate to support the murderer.

Now Dutch language blog GeenStijl offers a real class room recoding, in which a Moroccan student demands respect from his teacher. Click here to see how aggressive he is and how afraid the teacher is. The boy wanted to visit mister Smith, but the teacher does not allow it. The boy then shouts: "get up, get up, ...." and "let's go, let's go,...". They found the video clip on a well known forum (a subsidized Moroccan website with much antisemitic and anti western postings)

Show Video Clip

Weblog informs us that the student in the movie is removed from the school by police officers. The name of the school is ROC-Gildevaart in the city of Nieuwegein (near Utrecht). The school says the teacher handled the situation very professional and calm: an example how we like people to handle in incidents like these. They do not want to forbid the use of camera phones in the school. The school sees the movies as an educational tool to start a discussion around the incident.

A ROC school is a practical education that has the lowest standing of all other forms of education. They are the most dangerous schools and in the cities the majority of the students is from immigrant families.

See also:
A city in The Netherlands
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Movie on Dutch situation (downloadable movie)
Download Submission I of Theo van Gogh and Ayaan Hirsi Ali

And other good story on Germany can be found at DowneastBlog:

Source: Gunzilla

Moroccan parliamentary member

The city of Utrecht has discovered a large scale social security fraud. A man and a woman from Moroccan decent received a social security grant in the year 1992 till 2002. But research of the city of Utrecht found out that the family owned several houses in Morocco. The total worth of the real estate is 400.000. The two also are shareholder in a poultry farm.

And most amazingly, the man is a member of Moroccan parliament, for which he is also paid.

Official Islamic feasts

Under minister Van Gennip of ecconomic affairsUnder minister Van Gennip of economic affairs says that non Christians should get the day off on their own religious days, like for example the sugar feast. She wants to change the collective employment agreements that the Unions have with the different business branches. She wants that Muslims get the same arrangements that are now made for Christmas and Easter.

She says that this will enhance integration. "That means understanding, respect for each other and that means that anyone can honor his or her believe".

Most people in the Netherlands, don't view Christmas and Eastern as religious holidays. Most people see it as tradition and a nice day off. One starts to wonder, what integration means for these government officials. It seems that they mean, that Dutch society should change to the immigrants norms instead of the other way around. I guess that is why use the word "integration" as a magic spell, instead of saying things like: "integration into Dutch society".


Air force wants Moroccan’s (2)

General Clarc with Sultan Mohammed V and his son Moulay, during WW II in Marocco[This article was published in a local Dutch Newspaper]

'I am not going to shoot other Muslims'

Hanane Abdellaoui (19) steps forward and says: “May I ?”. Corporal Lahsen Tissir (32) lays a Stinger rocket on her shoulder. “Fun”, she says.

Hanane is a guest on the Airbase “De Peel” in Venray. As part of a recruitment campaign under immigrants, the Air force organized a special day for people from Moroccan decent. A remarkable group consisting of younger women and older men. No, not fathers with their daughters.

In the freezing cold they get instructions on rocket systems like the Stinger and Patriot. “Interesting” thinks Najia el-Aldaoui (22). But does she want to join the military? “Mmmm… at least I am not going to shoot any Muslims. But I would like to work on rebuilding Iraq”.

Major Marco Simons, a recruiter for the air force, does not beat about the bush and says: “We are deployed to bring peace and security, but that can lead to armed conflicts. People who want to join, we ask if they want to put their life on the line”.

“Well”, says a father laconically, “if you choose for the army, you know it is not without risk. Remember, many Moroccans died in the Second World War, when we both fought the Nazi’s. A Moroccan cameraman reacts: “As a soldier you fight against injustice. Not against people who are Muslim or not.”

[Note of Dutch Reporter: Morocco was at the time a French colony]

The air force is recruiting immigrants. Last year they had recruitment days for Turks at air force base “Gilze-Rijen” and in the city of Eindhoven for people from the Dutch Antilles. The Moroccans who are invited at air force base in the city of Venray are from the city of Den Bosch. They where initially invited for going to air force base “Volkel”. But due to exercises that was canceled.

At the Air force work 570 immigrant descendants, 4.75 % of the total force. If the air force wants to be a representation of the Dutch society that number has to rise. A Moroccan asks if they are willing to invest in target group? Will they have a holiday during Islamic feasts? Is the food halal? Can they pray five times a day? Can they where a head scarf?

Major Simons explains that they take Muslim wished into account at the preparations of the meals for Muslims. But that does not mean the food is halal. Military personnel gets a day off for each recognized public holiday. Praying in possible, but the air force does not start Mosques, Churches or Synagogues.

About the head scarf he is clear, that is not possible. In the army we have unity of uniform. A head scarf is not a part of it.” Hanane knows enough: “In that case, the air force is nothing for me. I will not remove my head scarf”.

Hassan Tribak (29) has found his dream job at the air force. At Volkel airbase he is crew chief, end responsible for the F16 maintenance. “An interesting job, for which you travel all over the world.” The sergeant feels him self respected as both a Moslem as Moroccan. “Otherwise I would not work here for 10 years.”

The Moroccan fathers see in Tribak and Tisser examples for their children. They point out that Turks and Moroccans receive a lot of negative publicity. “They are unemployed or criminal. But on this way they can have a positive contribution to the country. Because children who are born here see Holland as there motherland, not Morocco.”

If that is so, why they talk about wanted to be respected as a Moroccans?

Why does Dutch government says they want their military to be a representation of society. Are they willing to include thieves, drug addict and a-socials? Shouldn't the military consist of loyal and stable people? They better learn from the experiences of the US army:

Daniel Pipes - Murder in the 101st Airborn (NY post)
FPM - The 'fifth' Colum Syndrome (Washington Times)
NRO - The House that Raised Akbar
FPM - Spies at Guantanamo
(Thanks to Dutch blog Media controlle for refering me to the links)

See also: Air force wants Moroccan’s

Source: Limburger

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Murder trial Theo van Gogh

Today was the first pro-forma trial day of Mohammed Bouyeri, the terrorist who slaughtered Theo van Gogh on 2 November. This high profile trial was held in Amsterdam Osdorp in the extra secure court. The trial could be seen on national Television with a half hour delay, to make it possible to sensor privacy sensitive information. But although they tried to censor the name out, the name Bouyeri sometimes still slipped through. It is not clear why they keep this charade, for this already widely known fact.

The seating arrangement in Dutch courts differs from the US court seating arrangement. In The Netherlands the three judges sit in the middle, the prosecutor sits on the right side of the judges and in front of both of them the defendant and his lawyers are seated. In this case the defended did not come to the court. But the family of the slaughtered Theo van Gogh did. His father, his mother and two sisters where sitting at the front row.

This special secure courtroom is often used when high profile cases are broadcasted on national TV. For example the hit man who shot Pim Fortuyn was also tried at this location, in front of live television. But as so often is the case, Dutch government demonstrates that is has no interest in a decent public presentation, it all looked like an amateur trial. The courtroom looked cheap and did not looked like a real courtroom and the public had to sit on all kind of different chairs. And take the appearance of prosecutor Frits van Straelen. When he wanted to start his speeking, he had to place him self a pulpit on his desk, before he could start his speech. Later we would see him fumble with his wireless microphone, he could not get it to work, not even the court assistants knew how it worked. But when he finally managed to get it working, he had to hold the small button microphone in his hand in front of him. Normally such a microphone is not visible when it sit on your suit.

But besides that it looked hilarious, some facts where hilarious too (And I am not refering to the fact that the clerk was a Moroccan). Isn't it hilarious to hear the defense claim that the prosecution only once tried to question Mohammed Bouyeri? Mohammed said right after his arrest, that he did not wanted to talk to the police. And after that, they never bothered to try to question him again…. Hilarious isn’t it? Or should I say disturbing?

More on that issue later. A reporter, who claims to have seen more pro-forma court cases, said this was an unusual trial day. He said that instead of the normal juristic jargon the prosecutor today was mainly speaking to the Dutch public. The prosecutor’s research was weeks ago already published in Dutch newspapers, we published that story: here. In this article only the new facts will get attention.

Most important news
  • The assassination was planned; ten witnesses claim they have seen surveillances by the terrorist on different location on van Gogh’s regular route to his office.
  • The night before the attack, 1 November, two other members of the Hofstad terror group met Mohammed Bouyeri (Jason W. and Ismael A).
  • AIVD taped phone conversations of the, now detained, Hofstad cell members. They recorded them saying: “We have conform the authentic Islamic way, slaughtered the lam. This will be the punishment for each person that will offend Allah or his prophet. O you, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, tomorrow if Allah wants it, it’s your turn.” In the same phone conversation the caller claimed to belong to the group of Mohammed Bouyeri "the brigade of the Islamic Jihad". The phone conversation was made from the address in Den Haag (Antheunisstraat), where a week after the murder Jason W. en Ismail A. where arrested. The AIVD has still 20 hours of tapes, but did not have the time yet, to process them.
  • The prosecutor only questioned Mohammed Bouyeri right after his arrest. At that time he did not wanted to cooperate. No further attempts where made.
  • An AIVD (Dutch inteligence service) transcript of a conversation of Mohammed Bouyeri, was found in the house of Mohammed Bouyeri (See also: The Secret Service Mole story).
  • Achmed H. (26), who lived at the same address as Mohammed Bouyeri, worked in a building opposite to where Theo van Gogh lived. He also has no albi for the time around the murder. Witnesses declare that they have seen him, together with two others, near the crime scene.
  • The prosecutor knew on 2 november of the threats made against Wilders and Hirsi Ali, but waited to inform other services that handle the securiy (DKDB) of Wilders and Hirsi Ali. He says he first wanted to do some research and forwarded the information on 3 november. Strangly enough, Aboutaleb and burgomaster Cohen received protection that same day, but Wilders and Hirsi Ali only days later.
  • The pro-forma trial date for the Hofstad terrorist trial in set on 7 february.
  • The public prosecutor asked 3 months delay to finish his investigation.

The Charges

  1. Murder on Theo van Gogh with terrorist intentions
  2. Attempted murder of 8 police officers with terrorist intentions
  3. Attempted murder on 2 bystanders with terrorist intentions
  4. Making death threats to Ayaan Hirsi Ali with terrorist intentions
  5. Obstructing Ayaan Hirsi Ali to attend a parliamentary meeting with terrorist intentions.
  6. Membership of a criminal organisation with terrorist intentions
  7. Conspiracy to murder with terrorist intentions
  8. Illegal possession of firearm and ammunition

The arrest
Regarding the murder on Theo van Gogh, they have 53 eyewitnesses. Only some minor details where not reported earlier. New was that he gave more details on how the arrest took place.

After the slaughter Mohammed Bouyeri calmly walked through the park. When he wanted to leave the park, he walked into a police car. He walked to the car. The police officers in the car stayed passive. When Mohammed Bouyeri is only a few meters away from the car, he starts shooting on them. In panic the police car tries to flee, but crashes into a wall. Mohammed follows them calmly and continues shooting and hits one officer in the chest (he was wearing a bullet proof vest). When other police cars arrive, he shoots at these cars too. In all cars bullet holes where found.

The prosecutor
Prosecutor Straelen, argues that Mohammed Bouyeri must have practiced because after the slaughter of Theo van Gogh, he put 15 new bullets in his clip to reload his gun. A task an untrained person can not easily do, according to the prosecutor.

He further thinks the murder was a catalyst for more division between the different ethnic groups in The Netherlands (Dutch vs. Islam). This trial should give a signal to al young people that they can better focus their attention on other activities. But he said, the extremist lecture they found, should not be regarded as representative for all Moroccans living in The Netherlands, it was only representative for the members of the Hofstad terror group.

He argued that Mohammed Bouyeri did commit a terrorist act as a warning to the Dutch and not only tried to silence Theo van Gogh.

He said that some said he radicalized because his plan, he wrote as a social worker where rejected by the municipality office. But the prosecutor says he was already radicalized before that. He has been arrested five times and three times he was violent against the police. One time he even tried to stab police officers. When they ordered him to lay down his knife he threw the knife at them. There was an other incident at the social service office, he had threatened the security officer with: "I kill you", "I will pull your hart out". His last arrest was in September 2004, when he was violent when he did not wanted to pay for public transport. After his arrest he refused to give the police a hand and said: “I hate you, I hate you” and he spitted on the ground.

These are remarkable facts, because right after the slaughter of Theo van Gogh, a public prosecutor said they had no records about Mohammed Bouyeri that were relevant. They only had some minor things, that were totally unrelated to his terrorist acts. Things like this make you understand why they do not recognize a terrorist when they see one: ignorance is bliss.

They found a lot of terrorist lecture in the home of Mohammed Bouyeri. And more proof of his suicide attack plan is found at the location of an other Hofstad terror member. This suspect claims to have received a small box, just two or three days before the murder on Theo van Gogh with the request to deliver them "in case something happens to me". In the small Nokia box they found four letters written by Mohammed. Three letters were for the family of Mohammed. The first was a farewell letter, in which he said he exchanged his sole for paradise. The other was a testament, in which he wrote that should live according to the rules of Islam like he did and that they should not repay his dept to the kufar (unbelievers). By this he meant his bank. He had redrawn the maximum amount of money from his bank, and he was 1000 Euro in the red. In a third letter he left the money.

The fourth letter was a letter addressed to Zakaria T. (21) . In it he writes that he will carry with him the "open letter to Hirsi Ali" and his farewell poem "baptized in blood" during his "3maliyyah" (operation or attack). The first he knifed on Theo van Gogh and the other is after his arrest found in his pocket. This letter also contained a USB stick.

The USB stick (portable memory device) contained: translated Jihad messages, the open letter to Hirsi Ali, his farwell poem, a letter addressed to the people of Holland, a letter to the Islamic youth, a letter to the Islamic Uma, a letter to the lying ‘Aalim and Imam, a letter to representative Wilders (similar as the one to representative Ayaan Hirsi Ali), a letter to alderman Aboutaleb (idem.) and other Jihad articles he wrote. On the computers of other Hofstad cell member police found the same documents.

An example of his Jihad lecture he wrote was an article with the English title: "To catch a wolf" for which he used an alias: Abu Zubair. In it he preaches revolution and predicts it will not take long before "the knights of Allah will march on the Binnenhof [Dutch parliament] and that they will rise the Tawheed flag in the middle of the square. The parliament will be renamed Sharia court and the chairman's hammer will go down to ratify the Islamic sentences. From the tower of Kok [refering to the private office of the minister president] will sound the praises for Allah."

He also wrote a new Islamic constitution for the Netherlands, consists of multiple parts. In part four he attacks the West and argues in favor for the Sharia and the need for Jihad. In his latest part, number 5, he also critiqued the AEL (Arab European League). The AEL wants to advance Sharia by using the democratic system. He argues that this is wrong, because both are incompatible with each other.

Interesting detail is, that he tried to smuggle a new written part 5 out of the prison hospital (he was shot in his leg during the arrest) via his visiting brother. This raises the question, how can Mohammed write such material in the first place. Isn’t he under surveillance? Does he even have access to computers? Was this ignorance? It is hard to believe.

The defense
The defense lawyer, P. Plasman, said that his client wanted to bear the full responsibilities of his actions. And that he does not want to plea for temporary insanity. Mohammed wants to be judged for his actions and does not want his mental health being checked by a shrink.

But the prosecutor wants to let his mental stability be researched. But the defense argued: How can the prosecutor reasonably think that the suspect is not sane, when at the same time he accuses him of 15 terrorist acts. The last time the defendant had to stand trial, he was also not found mentally instable either. Does the prosecution think, so he argues: that they can heal somebody from terrorism?

The prosecutor counters that “he had not always had these ideas that lead to this criminal acts, that is what we know for sure” and said that he wanted to research how he radicalized and why he wanted to pursuit goals that where not compatible with our society. The judge ruled that the psychological investigation should take place.

The defense also referred to minister Zalm, who has said after the assassination: “it is war”. The defense now says, that his client feels the same. When the defense lawyer is really going to use this line of argument, it could result in a groundbreaking court case. During wartime, very different rules apply. And let’s face it, Bin Laden declared war, Mohammed Bouyeri acted on the basis of this declaration, he did it all in the open and he was wearing a uniform.

To be continued.

See also:
Prosecution of Mohammed B.
Justice dossier assassination Theo van Gogh
Secret service mole

Aditional Sources:
Transcript of prosecutor (Dutch)

Donner gets touch

I am TOUCH too!Minister Donner (Justice) reacted this Monday, unusual tough when he talked about the reactions of the neighborhood on the death of robber Ali el Bejjati.

Donner thinks that there will be need for many more prison cells, considering the reactions. He said he was shocked, "what I saw on television, was a group that said, stealing and robbing is normal, we all do that. We can not have groups like that in our society", Donner said. He found it shocking that people in the neighborhood called Ali el B. a good person, despite that he was steeling and robbing.

Donner made his statements at a celebration held for the start of the construction of a new prison in the city of Lelystad.

See also:
French criticize Donner
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Robber Dies (3)
Robber Dies (2)
Robber Dies

Source: Omroep Flevoland

Air force wants Moroccan’s

Dutch Airforce on a mission in Afghanistan to smoke the Muslim radicalsThe Dutch air force, wants to be a representation of Dutch society. They now announced that they going to focus their recruiting efforts on Moroccan youth. Today there was a special open day for Moroccan’s at air force base "De Peel" in the province of Braband. They recruitment officer says, "The families first get a tour around the base. Then we have a discussion where loyalty is central. It is important that they realize how it is to be as a Moroccan in the Dutch military. Because if you are send on a mission to Muslim countries like Iraq or Afghanistan, you can not say no." The recruitment office says they eventually want to employ at least 15% people from foreign decent.


Source: fok

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

New anti terrorist measures

We are also a target
More than two years after 9-11 and more than two months after the slaughter of Theo van Gogh the Dutch government is still not ready for the terrorists. Today the government came with it's anti terrorist measures. In a letter send to parliament, the ministers Donner (Justice), Remkes (domestic affairs) and minister Verdonk (Immigration and Integration), informed the parliament of their plans.

Proposed higher budgets
The government is planning to spend the next five years 414 million euro extra on anti terror related activities. This year the budget will rise with 48 million euro and will rise in 2009 to 95 million euro. They plan to enlarge the capacity of the different intelligence services with around 600 full time employees (fte):

AIVD intelligence Service: +107 fte
Police and public prosecutor's office: +90 fte
Military Police: +148 fte
Royal and diplomatic protection service (DKDB): +235 fte
DKDB, observation and protection,: +7 fte

But in an other press release of the ministry of domestic affair they announced that the AIVD with now 1000 employees, will grow with 350 employees the coming 5 years. The press release is a response on an AIVD review report published last year. In the press release they also write that the AIVD should enhance it's quality, communication to civilians and other government branches and that the control on the AIVD should be enhanced. This sound like they have the nearly impossible task of enhancing quality, change its procedures and at the same time let the organization grow fast. Not an easy task.

Proposed Measures
With the extension of the intelligence organizations the government what's to enhance the information position of these services and that, the ministers write, could lead to government action and actually prosecutions of people and/or organizations. In the past this was something that did not happend often and if it did it lacked in a successfull prosecution. Most terror cases failed before the court and terror suspects where released (and even had to be compensated in money).

The letter also expresses the intention to: dissolving organization using civil law, declare radicals persona non grate and deny visas to radicals. They also want to use the tax and customs service to research suspicious organizations (these service have extra intrusive measures other services like the police do not have).

Also, local governments should subsidizes more strictly and not subsidize clubs who have extremists as their members (Many mosques and Islamic organizations are subsidized). Although the Netherlands is already a country with the highest phone eavesdrops surveillance rate in the world, further extensions of eavesdrops are also proposed.

New is also the introduction of permanent security area's. In the past local government could only declare temporary security area's as a measure against football hooligans. In the new permanent security area's the (military) police will be allowed to search any body, without prior suspicion. The whole area of Schiphol is now declared a security area. Soon all international airports will follow (Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Maastricht and Groningen).

In the proposal Dutch courts will get the possibility to give people, besides their regular penalty, a profession prohibitions. They could give that penalty when they use there profession to propagate hate or violence. The judge will determine for what period they will get the job prohibition. The measure could be used against Imams, Social workers and teachers.

New are also the proposed administrative measures against potential terrorists. They will make it possible to prohibit people to come near certain people or objects and a mandatory periodic reporting to the police. These measures will not need a courtroom conviction, they can be taken against persons who come in the picture due to their contacts, activities or other indications. The measures could be used against people who received training in camps in for example Pakistan. But even suspicious behavior near certain location can be enough.

Color code system
Last year a new Terror warning system based on color codes, similar to the US, was made operational. The following threat levels where introduced: yellow (light threat), orange (moderated threat) and red (high threat). The government raised the threat level when The Netherlands became EU chairman. Around that time they also arrested Samir Azzouz, who is also linked to the Hofstadgroep terrorist group. He is suspected of planning attacks on a nuclear reactor, Schiphol airport, parliament and other government buildings.

They expect that the end of March the following locations take security measures based on the threat levels:

* Dutch national rail
* City of Rotterdam
* Airport Schiphol (near Amsterdam)
* Electricity networks
* Water supply

Current measures against terrorists
The letter also speaks about the investigation around the Hofstad terror cell for which 12 suspects are held. One of the Hofstad terror cell members, who was under surveillance by the AIVD, was the Assassin of Theo van Gogh. The government that they started procedures to declare three of them persona non-grata and one residence permit has been withdrawn.

European measures
Beside again announcing to work better with other EU member states they work also on visa information system that contains personal and biometric information of all Schengen country visa. Also a new central unit who coordinates the actions needed for the surveillance of the EU outer borders is announced together with the intention to exchange criminal records.

Reactions of the parliament

The Christian party (CDA) is very content with the measures. But fraction leader Verhagen wants more measures like revoking some extremist some civil rights like freedom of speech and the right to hold meetings.

The Liberal party (VVD) thinks the measures are encouraging. They think the government is on the right way and is getting on their feet again, but now wants to see some execution instead of only proposals. They also have questions about the coherence of the proposed measures.

The smallest party, that is part of the current government, is the liberal-socialist (D66). They says the measures are only based on repression and question if they are not to intrusive. They fear the measures do not only effect extremist but also regular people. They say the plans should focus more on prevention, like enhancing the public education system.

The Socialist party (PvdA), is not yet satisfied. They want, like the VVD, to see execution instead of words. They say the governments intentions are good, but the proposed measures are to vague and not detailed enough. They also propose to make Utrecht Central station, the nations biggest train station, and the harbor of Rotterdam an permanent security area.

The Greens (Groenlinks) are disappointed by the measures. They say the measures are irresponsible intrusive against marginal phenomenon’s of terrorism by criminalizing the glorification of terror attacks. They think attention should go solely to the real terrorist instead of their admirers. The Greens are the political arm of many direct action groups, some have ties with terror groups like ETA and the PLO.

International press:
Pakistan Daily times

Sources: Ministry of Domestic Affairs, Volkskrant, Telegraaf , Intel-weblog

Referendum on EU constitution

EU flagThe senate voted today in favor for the first referendum in Holland. Only the Christian parties in the senate voted against it. In May or June the Dutch can vote in favor or against the new EU constitution. But the liberal (VVD) members emphasized that it is not a binding referendum, it is legally only an advice to government and parliament.

Most political parties are in favor of the new EU constitution; conservative representative Wilders said he is going to campaign against it.

Monday, January 24, 2005

The Secret Service Mole (2)

Spy vs SpyToday the trial against Outman Ben Amar, who leaked Dutch inteligence information to terrorists, is posponed. RTL news says that the judge wants that Dutch politicics descide if Outman Ben Amar is allowed to break his confidentiality duty.

To see the whole story about the double agent: The Secret Service Mole (1)

Source: RTL Nieuws

Child Euthanasia

life savers?In The Netherlands they now also euthanasia the little Children. This latest step on the road to a Nazi state, with a total disrespect for humans. But did not get any attention in the Netherlands. It did get attention in the foreign press. Last year it was reported that Dutch hospital let die premature babies that in other countries get a treatment and have a high survival change, but the news did not get much attention ether.

Read here the full story.

But Dutch government is aware of the foreign attention. Foreign affairs minister Bot has announced he will brief all ambassadors to correct the caricature some foreign press makes about The Netherlands...

Source: Telegraaf

Sunday, January 23, 2005

French criticize Donner

The French ambassador, Anne Gazeau-Secret, has sharp criticism on what justice minister Donner has said in the interview. To say: "Fundamentalism is a part of every human" is contrary to common sense. Fundamentalist is an aberration that leads to intolerance and violence. According to the ambassador, who leaves next week, a democracy should defend it self against any form of fundamentalism because it is a threat to right of the individual citizens.

Donner said in the interview that Democracy is an instrument to let "Fundamentalist live together with each other" and that by diverse fundamentalist views "new ideas are created in society". But on the other hand, Gazeau-Secret, prizes minister of integration and immigration, Verdonk, who "determinedly and brave strives for" the integration of minorities.

The Netherlands should be made much more resistant against the dangers of Islamic radicalism, she says. "It is worrisome that the AIVD (Dutch intelligence agency), concludes in its latest report that the resistance of Dutch society against radical Islam is low", she writes.

The Dutch government works on proposals to make it possible to evict convicted radical Imams. France has a much longer history of acting against radical preachers: In 2004 there where 14 evictions, for example because they advised to beat "disobedient woman". Holland never ever evicted a radical imam.

See also: Robber dies (4) (other criticism on Donner)

There is something seriously wrong if even the French critique you for being too soft in the war on terror.

Source: Trouw

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Robber dies (4)

Minister Donner, but for how much longer?And the soap continues... [See also: Part (1), Part(2), Part(3)]

Today the Biggest Dutch newspaper, De Telegraaf, wrote on it's frontpage that Justice Minister Donner (CDA) together with the head of the Justice department, Jonkheer mr. J. de Wijkerslooth de Weerdesteyn (PvdA), did ask the prosecutor to file the highest charges possible against the woman who was robbed. This resulted in the charge: man-slaughter against her.

Today minister Donner was angry and says it is "totally inaccurate and absolute nonsense". He says that the Telegraaf did not describe the procedure according how it is normally done, the law does not allows him to be involved. Both he and de Wijkersloot where just informed about the charges before they were filed. The prosecutor makes his decisions independent, he said.

Donner expects a rectification of the newspaper, but the paper says they stand with their publication. But they will publish the comments of minister Donner in their Sunday edition. Donner threatens to sue them. But this is unlikely, because when he does, the discussion he had with the Justice department will become public knowledge...

This is not the first time minister Donner is accused of being out of touch with reality. After the slaughter of Theo van Gogh, he wanted to intensify the Blasphemy laws, implying that he wanted to protect the Muslims against further harrasment of people like Theo van Gogh. But also his Justice department has a bad name: it is said politics have lost control over it. It has a reputation for ending ministers careers prematurely. The head of the department Wijkersloot is involved in a long list of scandals. Take for example how he treated a marine who was fighting in Iraq. A marine shot a Iraqi looter in self defense, the justice department arrested the officer directly, deported him to The Netherlands and jailed him. Before an proper investigation was done and De Wijkersloot him self went on television to accuse the officer of crimes. His department leaked all kind of incriminating information to the press, even state secrets.

Just what does it take, to remove these out of touch autocrats?

See also: French criticize Donner

Sources: OM, Geenstijl

Friday, January 21, 2005

Frontline on Eurabia

PBS Frontline, January 25, 2005, 9PM

For our US TV watchers, PBS Frontline will investigate Tuesday al qaeda's new front in Europe (The murder of Theo van Gogh, train bombing in Madrid and the many arrests made in Europe).

Source: intel-weblog

Terror drugs gang

Drugs for JihadOn January 17, Police has arrested 9 Moroccan men and woman who are suspected of being part of a large scale drugs trafficking gang. In the four houses police found: 10 Kg heroine with street value of around 200.000 EUR., a few hundred XTC pills, a few hundreds of gram hashish, a hand gun and a few thousand Euro's cash.

The group is suspected of having ties with terrorist organization. If true, this would be the first time in The Netherlands, that there would be proof of a connection between Drug trafficking and the financing of terror. The anonymous tips the Criminal intelligence services received, where very detailed. In at least one of the tips, there was information about links to the Al Qaida network.

Two government sources say that there is likely a connection to the radical Islamic hofstad group. The hofstad group is Dutch North African group. The murder of Theo van Gogh was one of them.

Leader of the group is an 41 year Imam Hassan L. from Rotterdam. He preaches around the country also in the southern city of Geleen where he is active from 1999.

The identity of the arrested cel members:

* The woman (47) comes from Mulhouse, France.
* A man from Antwerpen, Belgium.
* A man from Denhaag.
* A 47 year old man from Maasticht.
* The identity of the other 5 man is not yet known.

See also: Terror drugs gang (2)

Sources: Volkskrant

Rachid Ben Ali in Hiding

Rachid Ben AliWe reported earlier about the art work of Moroccan Rachid Ben Ali (Read: here).

Rachid can not safely walk the streets of Amsterdam any more, without body guards. Last Sunday he left his house and went to stay in a hotel. That night he was pursued by Moroccan youth, but he managed to escape. From that moment on, he received protection. On the internet he received in past threats addressed to him from extreme right groups and Moroccan websites.

But the recent threats are most likely linked to his latest exposition: gay imams making love, imams who shit from their mouth, Mohammed nailed to a cross and on one of the paintings can be read: "You can threaten me, but I still make this".

You can view pictures of this work: here.

He says he his supported by Moroccan-Dutch alder man Aboutaleb (PvdA) and green parliamentary member Femke Halsema (Groenlinks). "I can always call them. That's nice, they have experience with receiving death threats too".

Source: Nieuw Amsterdams Peil


Sponge Bob is OK!

This site stands behind our friend Sponge Bob.

Robber dies (3)

Dutch Reaction: Ali can be as fast as he wants to be, I will get him in my reverse.

Robber, Ali el Bejjati, who died during his criminal act when he robbed a 43 year old woman, keeps being front page news in the Netherlands, we reported earlier on the matter in:

Robber Dies (1)
Robber Dies (2)

Location where Ali el Bejjati diedThe latest developments:

The memorial mars
The family and friends of the Ali el Bejjati, wanted to hold a big memorial mars that would start in the center of Amsterdam. In recent years it has become a custom in The Netherlands to hold silent marshes, after innocent people die as a result of what is called 'zinloos geweld' (= senseless violence).

Friends and family called Ali el Bejjati an innocent victim of senseless violence, they say he is murdered. Burgomaster, Cohen, initially said he allows the mars. In the past Cohen often did not gave permits, certainly not on short notice, to groups who he considers inappropriate: like racist, anti immigration or just right wing. But after protests Cohen later said he said that he thinks it is a "bad signal", after he talked to the family they canceled it he said. But that is only half true. The mars now will not start in the center of Amsterdam, but will start on 14.00 at the location where Ali el Bejjati died and from there it will go to the Al Kabir Mosque. At 15.00 there will start a memorial service for Ali el Bejjati.

At the same time the family organized the mars, 14.00, the court will rule in the case of the armed robbery, in which Ali el Bejjati had to stand trial just hours before he robbed the 43 year old woman.

victim released
The prosecutor office wanted to hold the woman who was robbed into custody. But a judge did not allow it, and ruled that it was reasonable to believe that the woman did not had the intention to kill the robbers on the scooter. Against the wishes of the prosecutor she is now released. She is now in hiding (many death threats where made).

The Minister
Integration minister Verdonk also talked about the matter and warned that the woman who is now released, is not suspected of murder. The woman did not drive somebody death because she met someone who she did not like. "If the boy did not stole the bag, he would still be driving on his scooter as usual. And the woman would just be at her home". Being afraid of being accused to interfere with the legal procedure she added: "But I do not plea any body free".

Representative Wilders
Independent parliamentary conservative Wilders finds it "hideous" that the prosecutor suspect the woman of man-slaughter on the Moroccan robber: "This is the world upside down. They create a victim of the criminal and the other way around". He can not understand it and finds it inappropriate to prosecute the woman. He wants that all Moroccan thugs, who are involved in repeated street terror, are send out of the country.

The Dutch people
Polster Maurice the hond asked people what they think about the matter (full pole results here):

Was it an tragic accident?

  • 67% : It was a tragic acident
  • 12% : No it was not (34% PvdA and 32% Groenlinks voters)
  • 21% : I don't know

The woman is accused of man-slaughter, do you agree?

  • 17% : Yes (27% PvdA, 41% Groenlinks voters)
  • 72% : No
  • 11% : I do not know

Should the woman say in custody?

  • 4% : Yes
  • 92%: Release her until the court case
  • 4% : I do not know

Do you think she did it on purpose?

  • 10% : Yes
  • 71% : No
  • 19% : I do not know

If she did it on purpose, how much punishment should she get?

  • 20% : None
  • 31% : Community work
  • 4% : imprisonment for 3 moths
  • 3% : imprisonment for 6 moths
  • 5% : imprisonment for 1 year
  • 8% : imprisonment for 3 year
  • 14% : imprisonment for 5 year or more
  • 16% : I don't know

Did the robber who died took the risk of being killed during his crime?

  • 74% : Yes
  • 21% : No
  • 5% : I don't know

Who is the victem in this case?

  • 56% : The woman
  • 3% : The killed robber (6% of PvdA and 16% Groenlinks voters)
  • 39% : Both
  • 2% : None of both
  • 1% : I don't know

Pvda = Socialist party. Groenlinks = Green party.

Sources:, Pole, Telegraaf(1), Telegraaf(2)

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Race Riots

After the riotsIn Holland shops have to close at 18.00 hours, one day a week a city can allow the shops to be open until 21.00. In the city of Utrecht that was yesterday evening, but that nigh it was also the start of the Muslim feast of sacrifice.

Groups of young Moroccan of around 40-80 men where roaming largest Utrecht shopping, Hoog Catharijne. They where blocking passages and some where harassing the shoppers (Eye witnes RigorMortis on the Dutch Fok blog: saw some grab a womans breast and ass). When police did an arrest, the different groups came together and a group of around 300 turned against the police. The police had to use batons and dogs to suppress the riots and to remove the youth from the shopping center. The police did 16 arrests.

Security personnel of the shopping center said that they always have 'feast' during Moslem feasts. But police said they did not know why the groups where in the shopping center and says they are investigating why they came there.

Sources: Utrechts Nieuws blad,,

Iraqi police investigates

Dutch troops have shot a man in a car who did not wanted to stop at a checkpoint. Iraqi police will investigate the matter assisted by Dutch military police.

Read more here.

Last year a Dutch marine officer, shot a looter in Iraq. A group of looters had turned against the small group of soldiers and ignored warnings. The Iraqi looters said a man was shot dead by the warning shot of the officer, but no body or bullet was available for proof. But still the marine was directly arrested after the incident, jailed and flown back to Holland. He was kept in prison during the holiday season. The court did not sentenced him, but the prosecutor appealed. A fact that amazed every body. The head of the nations prosecutor office is a member of the socialist PvdA and is born with royal blue blood.

What's wrong with Expatica?

Dutch Surrender in May 15, 1940It is common knowledge that main stream media has a left leaning bias, and a very left leaning bias in Europe. But if you think it can not get worse and from now on it will get better, you could get a very cold shower.

The only free English language news service that covers the Netherlands on a regular basis, Expatica, ran an opinion article that attracted my attention. The title was: "Dutch Muslims find a voice - of reason?". What a strange combination I taught and it made me curious.

To my surprise they where writing right at the beginning of the article: "The Muslim Democratic Party (MDP) could be a real force for good". They also mention the founder, Mohammed Jabri, and called him a columnist. But they fail to mention that he is columnist for A Dutch fundamentalistic Islamic website. On the site Jabri wrote an anti gay manifesto, a story in which Hirsi Ali died in a car bomb attack, said that he is not against treats to Hirsi Ali, want to end democracy to establish Sharia laws, calls the US a terrorist state, compared the US government with Hitler and so on...

How can they think at Expatica that Jabri and his party, will be a force of good and could "spread understanding" and "expose as a lie the convenient myth that Muslims are the root of all that is wrong". Are the people of Expatica just misinformed or have do they have other opinions about what lies are? And what they define as good and wrong?

But when I read on I see they are not totally misinformed. They recognize that there is Muslim violence to the native Dutch population. But their solution is mind boggling to me: give the Muslims government power and they going to see The Netherlands as their country.

But that is, that is, ... That is surrendering?!?!?!

And what about calling the assassin of Theo van Gogh, a "wannabe martyr", say what?!? They argue that not the Muslim behavior is the problem, it is Dutch society. Muslims are under represented in politics and political parties are to anti Islam. Conservative politicians are off course the worse of all, especially if they refer to the fact that Dutch culture is Judeo-Christian. At Expatica they even takes over Muslim rhetoric, to counter the this argument:

"He forgot to mention that until Indonesia got its independence from the Netherlands in the 1940s, Islam was the biggest religious group in the Kingdom of the Netherlands."

Do they mean at Expatica that Islam should be the leading culture for Dutch society? They must either be nuts at Expatica or ... Muslim. There is no other explanation, don't say I did not warn you!

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