Thursday, December 09, 2004

Wilders: Minister Donner lies

Representative WildersRepresentative Wilders has send questions to prime Minister Balkenende, Justice minister Donner and Domestic affairs minister Remkes. He wants to have answers about the problems he meets in setting up a new political party. He also asks why the Justice minister lies in the press about the meeting he had with him. Donner lied when he said he never got complains from Wilders about the security around his organization.

Justice minister Donner said earlier this week: "we must watch out that we not going to see guarding and security as a status symbol". Wilders wants to know, if Donner really meant this and wants that the minister distance him self from these wordings.

Also he wants to know about the threats made by "sources in the secret services" that had told the media that employees, sympathizers and candidate representatives have a heightened security risk. Also partisans of Wilders have been warned of the dangers of cooperating with him. Because of this several of them stopped working with him.

Representative Wilders also asked for a personal conversation with Balkenende, Donner and Remkes concerning: "everything about the security of my new political movement and all related people".

The strange thing is, that the media does not give any reports of Wilders supporters. So how does the secret service know who to warn? Or would the agencies agents, who should protect Wilders, also help the agency...

Source: Telegraaf


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