Saturday, December 04, 2004

Wilders: IT's WAR

Representative Geert WildersIn today's free Metro newspaper representative says: "It's war". He is not to first to say this in Holland. The day after the ritual murder of Theo van Gogh, finance minister Zalm said the same thing. But he was denounced for that and he swallowed his words.

The Dutch secret service had the murder of Theo van Gogh under surveillance, Dutch police had him even arrested on terrorist suspicious. But the Dutch secret service found him not radical enough to be on the permanent watch list of 150 Islamic radicals like the people who stayed in his house and other who where arrested while driving his car. Conservative representative Wilders does not understand why the Dutch government does not arrest the 150 Islamic terrorists. He says the law offers several opportunities to take preventive measures. Or says he, they could create emergency laws.

But there is no support for Geert Wilders who is now under permanent protection of the corps royal and diplomatic protection which resides directly under the Queen of Holland.

Source: Metro


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