Monday, December 06, 2004

Where is (R) Hirsi Ali?

Representative Ayaan Hirsi AliSince the ritual killing on Theo van Gogh we have not seen Hirsi Ali any more, she has not been able to come to parliament anymore. At the Elsevier website Leon de Winter says he had contact with her and he tells us that after the attack on Theo van Gogh there was a big panic. They forced representative Ayaan Hirsi Ali to turn in her phone and laptop. She was offered several options and was told that the option to return to parliament has the highest security risk and that anything could happen. Return to parliament of course meant that she would endanger her colleagues.

Leon de Winter argues if Hirsi Ali was not allowed to use either her mobile phone or Internet that can mean only one of two things. The Islamic radicals have advanced ways to trace this equipment or it is a way to politically silence her. Either way it means that in Holland parliament is not independent and can not protect it self from more powerful domestic forces.

Source: Elsevier blog 1, Elsevier blog 2


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