Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Warning for Wilders supporters

NOS - state televisionIn Holland anyone who is critical about the Islam is at danger. Representative Ayaan Hirsi Ali who is critical on the Islam is advised by the Dutch secret service not to come to the parliament in Den Haag. The services say she is allowed but they can not guarantee her safety.

An other representative Geert Wilders, who got the same advice, did not want to stop working in parliament. He is busy trying to start a conservative party which according to the polls would become the second party in The Netherlands. But today the Dutch state radio and television warned potential candidates for his future party.

The news bulletins warned ever body who wanted to join Wilders new political party or even to show public support for him would be in danger. Every body who wants to join Wilders political party will be subject to a security assessment of the secret service. There was no information given how and if they worked together with Wilders.

In the state television news broadcast there was a short interview with representative Wilders. The first question was "Can you find people who wanted life long body guards?".

Source: NOS


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