Monday, December 06, 2004

Turkey too aggressive

TurkeyDutch Christian Democrat (CDA) and European Representative Eurlings says that Turkey is too aggressive in its EU negotiations. They are trying to use power play to be admitted to the EU according to Eurlings. Eurlings is a member of a EU committee that is writing an advice about the admittance of Turkey for the European parliament and the member states that will be on vote next week.

Eurlings thinks that there should be additional condition met by Turkey before the admission procedure can start. "Turkey can only become a member state of the EU if it is just as free as the rest of Europe. And that is now not the situation", according to Eurlings. It is well known that Turkey is fiercely against this.

The leader of the Christian Democrat (CDA) faction in the EU parliament also warns Turkey that the should temper their tone, because their hard stand is already eroding popular support in Turkey it self. The Turkish people get the impression that the EU is asking to much. "It is already noticeable that the people are already critical about the EU. That should not become much worse because then we get bigger problems".

The Dutch minister president, is a Christian Democrat (CDA) as well and is currently the chairman of the European union. Earlier he has warned Erdogan for the Cyprus question and the fact that it is not allowed to build churches in Turkey. Representative Eurlings is young but seen as a high potential in the Christian Democrat party. The Christian democrats (CDA) and other government parties are in favor of Turkeys admission to the EU.

Source: Telegraaf