Monday, December 13, 2004

Turkey in the EU?

TurkeyHolland is now European chairman and has an important role into the admission procedure Turkey will get for the EU, that is, if they get it. Because Turkey does not do it's best very much, they still did not solve the Cyprus issue, they do not even want to recognize Cyprus that has recently become a member state of the EU [The Turks still occupy illegally the North of Cyprus, no other countries recognize their occupied territory].

Today Erdogan threatens the EU even further. In an interview in The Independent he warns Europe not to rebuff his country. Turkish membership of the EU can bridge the gap between the West and the Islamic world and avert a clash of civilisations.

But Poll's in the EU suggest that a Turkish admission does not have much support by the people living in the 5 biggest EU member states. According to a poll, 2/3 of the French are against, as is more than half of the Germans. In Great Britain only 42 percent supports admission. But 2/3 of Spain and 49% of Italy do support it. Each member state in the EU can use it's veto on the admission, including Cyprus.

According to a Danish TNS Gallup poll, 44% of the Turks say they want to come to Europe, if Turkey is admitted to the Union [In the EU all people can live and work where ever they like, there are no obstacles].

The BBC did interview some Turks on the street. Interesting comment where heard: "Commercially it would be good, but culturally it would be bad." or "Once we become a member maybe we will be able to wear our headscarves [in universities].".

The BBC quotes can be seen here. The Independent interview is here.



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