Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Terror confuses government

Please be niceToday the minister Remkes of domestic affairs said in a parliamentary debate on terrorism: "the view the government has on the terror threat is that it is complex and diffuse. Earlier we where afraid of attacks on specific targets and soft targets with many victims. But now is seems to be more a threat against persons."

According to this same minister the murder on Theo van Gogh has made clear that the threat situation has changed. By arresting the Hofstad terrorist group the direct threat reduced. But according to the minister does experience say that arrests do not lead to "a durable lower level" of motivation of extremist. He added that there are "many radicalizing individuals".

According to the government there are between 10 and 25 radical mosques in Holland. Minister Remkes announced to be tougher on subversive preaching in mosques. He said he does not want to censor them but wants small changes and bring about a tone that is moderate. As he thinks that the criminal law does not give him much leverage against anti Western and anti woman preaching, he will use other ways like: stopping government subsidies or expelling foreign imams.

So far no action has been taken by the government, not a single radical mosques is closed and no foreign radical imams are expelled.

Source: nu, Telegraaf


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