Monday, December 06, 2004

Speed tickets for every one

The LAWOn some major three lane's highways the government used the wrong road building materials and this made these roads under certain conditions slippery. The answer of the government to these unsafe areas was to put up a speed limit sign. If you where driving these three lane hi-ways where you where normally to drive 120 Km/h, it could happen that out of nothing there is a speed limit sign with 70 Km/h. Apart from the sudden sign on the hi-way there is nothing to see, no police, no warnings, so most drivers don't see the sign. And if you would see the sign, you may consider not to adjust your speed to much for personal safety reasons, as most people behind you still drive 120 Km/h. Last month, it was already noted that the speed signs where not understood and widely ignored. But this week, the police placed their hidden radar camera's on the speed limit parts and they gave nearly all drivers big speeding tickets.

This kind of a-social government behavior is further eroding the publics feeling of a just government that is for them and not against them.

source: Telegraaf


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