Thursday, December 23, 2004

Radicalization must stop

AwhwhhwiiiaaahhlllaDutch society does not resist radical Islam enough, According to the Dutch Secret Service (AIVD) in a report. The report “From Dawa to Jihad, the several threats of the radical Islam against the democratic order” is send to parliament today. In the report they write that it is not enough to take actions against terrorism, also the increased radicalization of Moslems must be stopped.

The government can act against people who use violence, but it is much harder to act against radical Islam that tries to undermine democracy, the secret service argues. They also point to the danger of Islamic missions that do not preach violence because they think it is not yet opportune, but do not reject violence. There are 15 to 25 Mosks in The Netherlands preaching this kind of ideas. Moslems are being told in these missions that all the non-Moslems are trying to destroy their faith or that the Western values are despicable and that a good Muslim should isolate him self from it (The service thinks this is a new trend). There is a rising importance of ‘informal’ missions by Internet or individual traveling preachers.

Moderated Muslim should get a more prominent role as an opposing force against the radicalization. But according to the secret service (AIVD), they are not powerful enough. Also is it live threatening for the moderated Muslims to speak out. Also Dutch educational institutes should learn youngsters self-criticism and not to blame everything on their religion.

The service has no good estimates on the number of radicals. But is says that a few thousand youngsters are potential recruits for the extremist. And that more Islamic youth are leaning towards a more pure form of Islam.

Sources: Trouw,,, Van dawas tot Jihad (Full report)


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