Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Muslim violence kept secret

Potatoes only pleaseIn Leeuwarden has a 22-year-old man held his ex-girlfriend hostage for a week. The man believed his girlfriend had met an other men and wanted to beat the truth out of her, he told the police. He has carved his name in her leg, beat her up, kicked her, punctured her with house hold equipment, has bitten her, threatened to burn and knife her among other things. The woman had cuts all across her body and possibly a broken nose. She will keep permanent scares. The man was known to the police and was already twice sentenced to conditional imprisonment. The justice asked the judge to sentence the man for 2 years imprisonment.

In Leeuwarden there has recently been more Muslim related violence, Awa who put his ex-girlfriend on fire, Albenese gangs who rule the cities center, the shoot out at the Asylum center and a Albenese guy who shoots a full round in the city center and more…

Thus the local government has a new strategy: keeping this kind of cases secret. It is now normal that the government does not want to report the ethnicity or nationality. But now they also actively try to keep ‘incidents’ like this secret. Normally all court cases appear in public records available to the press, but in this case they hide it and did not report it on the public court records. It is unknown what other cases they have been hiding for the public. It is only by accident that the local Leeuwarder Courant found out about this incident that was prosecuted in court.

Source: GeenStijl, Leeuwarder Courant


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