Monday, December 13, 2004

Minister: Submission is provocation

SubmissionMinister Brinkhorst of economic affairs has said in an interview with a Dutch magazine 'VN' that he thinks representative Hirsi Ali [now in hiding and not able to come to parliament] is provoking the Muslims. Making the film Submission, which she produced with Theo van Gogh, was very unwise he said. "When I saw the movie, I thought, Ouch! Ouch! Is this going to end well? You know what happens if you light up a cigarette in a ammunition depot. A movie likes this is allowed, but I think it is not wise. I find it very understandable that Muslims get agitated by it. Don't talk me about it! Who is there naive here?"

According to the minister, the creation of submission has nothing to do with freedom of speech. "If I am going to stand in front of my neighbor's house and shout all day long: 'fuck hoar', she is going to be angry. You shouldn't be surprised by that. The situation is vulnerable with so many antagonisms. If you then continuously repeats that you are right and want that to get acknowledged, then you help create a climate where solutions are no longer possible. This is how I think about it and I will fight for that idea."

Brinkhorst also thinks it is time for a new political movement. A movement that will be in the political middle ground that will fight populism. The supporters can come from the PvdA (Socialist), VVD (Liberals), CDA (Christians) and his own party D66 (Socialist-liberals). "It is time for a new proposition to society, just like D66 did in the 60s. At the time we did it because of the political system was not functional any more, now we should do it for the coherence of society. To actively promote the European idea".

In the article he also says that he is not in favor of unrestrained free speech. "I am against unrestrained saying everything. You have to reflect before you insult some one. In daily living and on the television people use words of which I say: that is provocative. That is foul, that has nothing do with the discussion of problems". According to the minister the people are being setup against each other. "If I only can conquer my freedom of speech, by humiliating you, I am being irresponsible. And I think this has to be said loud and clear, I do not think everything should be allowed".

The rest of the Dutch press did not mentioned it, but in the interview he also says that Representative Wilders is an populist and "Islamophobe". "The governments need to resist his populism." Representative Wilders is in hiding and is not able to come to the Parliament because government security says they can not protect him if he goes there. In the same interview he says he is not a real Dutchmen, he has a Indonesian mother and as a young man he was discriminated by the Dutch. He and other Indonesian immigrants had fights with the Dutch Cheese heads... [Indonesia is the biggest Islamic country in the world]

Minister Brinkhorst is from the small D66 party, a party that tries to combine Liberal and Socialist thinking. It originated in the 60s as a protest to the establishment, but is now a part of it. Minister Brinkhorst is a house friend of the royal family and his daughter has married one of the royal princes, who is second in line for the succession to the throne.

It is strange that Minister Brinkhorst says he already knew that Theo van Gogh brought himself in danger. But that the administration, of which he is a part, has always denied that and said the opposite.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs


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