Thursday, December 16, 2004

Life itself reason for euthanasia

HadamarUnder strict condition it is allowed for doctors to assist suicide or to apply euthanasia at patients who are not sick but "suffer from life". The commission Dijkhuis wrote this in an advice to the Dutch doctor organization.

The Chairman of the commission is emeritus professor of clinical psychology and psychotherapy Jos Dijkhuis. "Suffering become too much correlated to sickness", he says in an interview in the Newspaper (Volkskrant). "Also when people suffer from life itself they also can claim to suffer unbearable with no expectation of improvement." [This reason is a legal reason for euthanasia in The Netherlands].

The Dutch doctor organization had requested the advice because a doctor has been prosecuted and sentenced for euthanasation on a former PM who had no medically classified physical or mental illness, but claimed to be "tired of life".



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