Friday, December 10, 2004

Hunting for Son Theo van Gogh

Two armed Muslim boys, age around 15-16, where roaming the neighborhood where Theo van Gogh lived. In the street where Theo van Gogh used to live, the Pythagorasstraat, they asked from behind their scarfs a 12 year old boy several questions. The police did not want to say what they asked, but they where asking about Lieuwe van Gogh, son of Theo van Gogh. After that they shot several times in the air.

The police assumes they used an alarm gun, because the police could not find any gun shells. Apart from a daily surveillance, Lieuwe van Gogh, does not get any protection. This is strange, because after the murder on his father, the children of alderman Aboutaleb are getting 24 hour personal protection. But hey, their father works for the government!

As usual this news got minimal attention and the state controlled TV ignored it.

Source: Telegraaf


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