Thursday, December 09, 2004

Holland: new Weimar republic ?

Maurice de Hond
The well known political pollster Maurice de Hond is very worried about the situation in Holland. In NRC handelsblad [newspaper] he says: "The current situation looks like the Weimar republic. And every body know what happened after that. First of all: there is no trust in the government. There are no leaders, there is no vision. Second: the economy. We can wait for the next big terrorist attack or stagnation of the economy. If that happens we will have a very explosive situation".

The biggest problem is that politicians do not listen to media and public. "It is dangerous of politicians to ignore their supporters. You take away the responsibility of the people. They will distance themselves more easily of government policy if they have the feeling that they can not influence it".

"If the political system does not clean it self it will go with a boom. The signs are not hopeful. For example the 36% support for Leefbaar Rotterdam in 2001" [a new local protest party that got 36% of the votes] "That was already some kind of revolution. A boom could also happen after an economic disruption like 1929 or after a major terrorist attack".

Source: nrc


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