Friday, December 17, 2004

Girlfriend burner sentenced

AwaToday, Awa (16), the young men who tried to put his girlfriend on fire (twice) and wrote his name with a knife on her breast, is sentenced to 1.5 year imprisonment and TBS (treatment for Mental illness).

Awa, a Muslim from former Yugoslavia, was not directly caught by the police. After burning his girlfriend he made a rap song, that was distributed on the Internet. In the song he asked for her to come back and said he felt sorry for making such a mess of his life. Even when he was in prison he harassed his ex-girl friend by phone and threatened her and others.

during the trial it became clear he also abused two other ex-girlfriends. He abused them the whole summer and in the end also put them on fire. His comment: "I feel sorry about that, but I did not hit them hard or long, but they had deserved it". When the judge told him that due to the burning of his ex-girlfriend that possibly her breast needed to be amputated he said: "She has her self to blame".

According to the psychiatrist who researched him, he is extremely violent and has a very short fuse. And also: Awa is a "psychopathic narcist who is very treatment-resistant". He threatened the psychiatrist when he was telling him his findings.

Source: GeenStijl


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