Saturday, December 11, 2004

Evidence of political intimidation

Enemy of the GovernmentSix days after the murder on Theo van Gogh, director Bart Jan Spruyt of the conservative think tank, Edmund Burke Stichting, was invited to the ministry of domestic affairs. There he was advised "not to do any political judgment that would support Wilders". According to Spruyt this was said by the National Coordinator Security and Protection (NCBB). This would be safer, as he [Spruyt] was often associated with Wilders.

The same evening he also got a visit at home from officers of the Corps National Police Services (KLPD) who told him the same thing. Earlier this week Representative Wilders, who can not come to parliament due to security risks, thinks this is outrageous. Yesterday, both minister Donner (Justice) and minister Remkes (domestic affairs) that they had "no indication" that warnings like these where given to Wilders sympathizers.

At the time of that Spruyt had the conversation on the domestic affairs ministry he already had arranged for him self a temporary commercial security, after earlier security assessments gave him a increased security risk. After the NCBB conversation he choose to "take a low profile in the media". He now feels sorry for that: "I just let them intimidate me heavily, I just duck for cover".

According to the media the Dutch do not seem to care much for this news, they report that polls show that support for Wilders is fading. But Dutch media reported in the same style about the political earth quake Pim Fortuyn, who still got 20% of the votes after he was murdered days before the election.

Sources: Telegraaf, Nieuws, Nu


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